Sports News 5/5: F1 2020 was suddenly proposed to be canceled

(Sports news) F1 Organizing Committee is preparing to return this year, but not everyone supports this plan.

F1 2020 is proposed to be canceled

The organizers of the Formula 1 race are busy with preparations for this year’s tournament to return to the Austrian race in early July. However, not everyone supports this plan of F1 2020. The Pirelli’s former owner, Paul Hembery, is not happy with the return of F1 this season, saying that F1 has canceled too many races and the return of this tournament will make the competition become lacking fairness. Reported to the sports news today.

Sports News 5/5: F1 2020 was suddenly proposed to be canceled
F1 2020 is planning a return

Hamilton will switch to Ferrari to replace Vettel

Lewis Hamilton is said to be on his way to Ferrari to replace Sebastian Vettel. It is the latest revelation of F1 team owner, Eddie Jordan. Hamilton has been contacted by Ferrari since 2017 with an offer that made the F1 racing village stir. However, Vettel later renewed his contract with Scuderia, at the request of a deadline until the end of 2020. This is the best time for Ferrari to bring Hamilton to Vettel’s place.

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George Russell wants to bring joy to F1 fans

Williams team driver George Russell insists his participation in the esports F1 virtual tournament is the best way to give F1 fans entertaining moments. Russell agreed to join the virtual F1 race after the real tournament was postponed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides the riders of the Williams team, many other famous riders like Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Alex Albon also participate in this virtual tournament, he shared with the sports news.

Schauffele eagerly continues the PGA Tour season

Golf player Xander Schauffele admits he wants to play again, regardless of the PGA Tour season. Schauffele won the PGA Tour four times and also finished second at the Masters and US Open. The world’s No. 12 golfer insists he doesn’t really care about the schedule and return of tournaments because it is important that he plays and takes back his familiar golf club.

The world’s No. 7 player is determined to limit the error of hitting the ball

Tennis player Alexander Zverev is going through a period of self-isolation at his home in Florida, USA. The world’s No. 7 player has recently been allowed to train at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy 3 hours a day. Former No. 3 of the world is determined to train to limit the errors of self-polishing damage, a huge weakness that Zverev encountered in the past year.

Why Real Madrid likes to play golf explaining the flag causing outrage: winger Gareth Bale insists he did not intentionally provoke Real Madrid when putting the host club at the bottom in the order of priority on the flag. hometown of Wales.

Bale argued that he did not disregard Real Madrid

Last year, while celebrating the Welsh team to attend the Euro 2020 final, Bale was happy with his teammates with a banner with the banner written in the order: “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order”. The incident angered Madrid fans, arguing that their team was only third, after Bale’s favorite golf beside football.

“I saw the banner a few weeks earlier,” Bale said on The Hat-Trick show. “The teammates reminded me that we can use it to celebrate winning the Euro. After that, they put the banner on the field and we all had fun. This is just a fun joke. Everyone has can think the way they like. “, added to the sports news.

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