Sports News 13/5: Angel skating “piercing” makes fans blush

(Sports news) After being noisy by sensitive clothes, Russian female skater again received bad news.

In the beginning of 2019, the world skated when witnessing a sexy performance by 24-year-old Alexandra Stepanova and her co-star Ivan Bukin on the ice. Through subtle soft movements, they narrated a romantic couple story that impressed the audience, but the Russian couple also made many people “blush”.

Sports News
Stepanova and misleading costume performance in early 2019

Under the lights, the 24-year-old black athletic’s transparent outfit was almost “100% penetrating”. Explaining this incident, Stepanova said that she was wearing a thin outfit that coincided with the skin color so what the audience saw was just “an illusion”.

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Despite the explanation, the couple’s performance still received a lot of buzz from fans. “The outfit is awesome, I know what I’ve seen, no one needs explanation,” one twitter user wrote.

“A performance may not be the best but get the most attention, let alone say the couple succeeded,” another commented.

More than a year after the show caused a stir, the skater again made the audience remind her name when the media reported “Alexandra Stepanova was banned from playing for 4 years because of doping.”

After a thorough examination of the information, Stepanova “sighed” upon learning that it was a mistake, that a person of the same name with her and competing in athletics and media were confused.

“This incident can really damage an athlete’s reputation and it is a very serious problem. It’s a shame that my life and work are affected in this way,” Alexandra Stepanova said. with Tass. After receiving rumors of doping, she had to close a social networking site but now the athlete’s personal page is back to normal.

Federer threatened to take the throne of “Grand Slam King” to Nadal.

(Sports news) According to a star who once defeated Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, Roger Federer will lose the “Grand Slam King” this year or next.

Roger Federer currently holds a record 20 Grand Slam men’s singles, while his rival, Rafael Nadal, is close behind after having 19 titles at this level.

Nadal wants Messi to leave Barca to Real: Share on TNT TV on 12/5, the world’s No. 2 male player Rafael Nadal wishes Lionel Messi would break up Barcelona to join Real Madrid.

“I am a Real Madrid fan, but I love watching Messi play even when he is not in the team I love. I am lucky to see Messi play every week, maybe the Barca fans feel the same for Ronaldo. I admit. I want to see Messi present in Madrid. “

Former F1 king Vettel unexpectedly parted with Ferrari

The BBC news agency confirmed that famous driver Sebastian Vettel will not renew his contract with Ferrari when this season ends and the star has won the domestic world four times in a row. Formula 1 racing cars (from 2010 to 2013) will find “new parking”.

According to predictions, the German driver ended the Italian race stemming from the two sides could not come to a contractual agreement. Ferrari only wants to sign each year, and Vettel’s salary must be reduced from 40 million USD / year, while the German driver wants at least 3 years of contract, and the minimum salary is 30 million USD / year.

Tennis beauty Wozniacki conditions to returning to play

Sharing on Tennis Channel, Caroline Wozniacki – the former No. 1 tennis player in the world, revealed the plan to return to the field despite announcing her retirement. back in January of this year: “Perhaps, if Serena (Williams) suggested, I would go back to play with her in some tournaments. I probably don’t need to rehearse.” as in the sports news.

Sports News
Tennis beauty Caroline Wozniacki

Club in Spain outbreaks of Covid-19

According to the latest sports news media, the Casademont Zaragoza basketball team has confirmed that 3 players were positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19. Two other members of the Spanish club are also showing signs of suspicion of infection but they will have to wait for the results of a blood test to know the specific health situation.

The last training session of Casademont Zaragoza scheduled for Monday morning (May 11) at Principe Felipe Pavilion has also been canceled.

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