Sports News 03/31: Lewis Hamilton Still Loses To The F1 Monument

(Sports news) Although Lewis Hamilton has leveled Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 championship F1 titles, Schumacher’s level is completely different from contemporary racers.

Lewis Hamilton is still nothing compared to Michael Schumacher

Although Lewis Hamilton has leveled Michael Schumacher’s record of F1 championship F1, Mr. Flavio Briatore, the former boss of the Benetton racing team, has affirmed that Schumacher’s level is completely different from contemporary racers. In the Benetton racing team, the German driver won 2 world championships. According to Briatore, the period of Schumacher competition had many formidable opponents.

Lewis Hamilton is compared to many F1 village legends
Lewis Hamilton is compared to many F1 village legends

American female tennis players banned from playing for doping

The World Tennis Federation has just announced that American tennis player, Ashley Kratzer will be temporarily banned from playing indefinitely under Article 8.3.1 of the doping prevention regulations in tennis in 2020. A 20-year-old tennis player, currently ranked 480th in the world submitted a urine sample on January 27, 2020 when she attended the WTA tournament in Newport Beach.

Later, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Montreal, Canada discovered a sample containing GHRP-6. This substance is on the list of S2 in the list banned by WADA 2020.

Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player at all time

American female tennis player Serena Williams recently praised her male colleague Roger Federer. Serena said: “Federer is the greatest player of all time, both on and off the field.” Born in 1981, both Roger Federer and Serena Williams are undoubtedly the most prominent names in the world of felt in the era of theirs.

Amir Khan’s wife has never watched him play

Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, insisted she had never seen any of her husband’s matches. Faryal Makhdoom thinks it’s difficult because it’s too dangerous. Boxer Amir Khan is one of the leading boxers in the world. The British athlete once won the 2004 Athens Olympic Medal, possessing world-class and semi-world championships such as WBC and WBA.

Red Bull senior adviser wants F1 teams to be isolated

Red Bull racing senior advisor Helmut Marko proposed a concentrated isolation plan for F1 drivers this season. According to Marko, riders should face pandemic instead of spontaneously quarantining themselves. Specifically, the racing teams will gather in one location, even in the case of someone infected with the epidemic, they will recover together. Thus, the new F1 race can return in the shortest time.

Will Nadal give up the US Open because he wants to keep the throne of Roland Garros?

Former network player and commentator of Nine Network, Todd Woodbridge recently shared this ability on Nine’s Wide World of Sports:

“What will Rafael Nadal do? Does he choose to play at the US Open or put his energy into France? Because you cannot win in succession against the other two (Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic).”

“he US Open is extreme in terms of temperature and resilience while Roland Garros is forced to require endurance on clay. It really makes people have to choose where to play.

Nadal is the men's singles champion of both Roland Garros and US Open
Nadal is the men’s singles champion of both Roland Garros and US Open

The 48-year-old former Australian player summed it up: “I hope Roger Federer will play at the US Open, not France and Rafa will do the opposite.”

“Little Federer” joined forces in helping to repel Covid-19, wanting to study online at Harvard University

Recognizing the difficulties besieging the city of Haskovo, Bulgaria due to the current epidemic – where Grigor Dimitrov was born and raised, this player has made a donation to help overcrowded hospitals due to pandemic by personal money and from other sources of philanthropy.

“Little Federer” has not yet returned to Europe but is staying in California to practice and use this break to take an online course at Harvard University.

Olympic champions must practice in a toy pool

Sharon van Rouwendaal – female swimmer who won the 2016 Rio Rio Olympic gold medal for the 10km swim has just finished a one-month training course in Nevada, USA and returned to Montpellier, France to practice with the famous coach Phillipe Lucas. Due to the influence of pandemic, the 26-year-old fisherman could not find a place to practice, due to the hexagonal government regulations.

Therefore, she was forced to practice in a toy tank with a diameter of over 2m. To be able to practice in this special condition, Van Rouwendaal tied an elastic rope to the waist, the other end to the tree. In this way, the Olympic champion whale can make a perfect swim motion
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