Latest News: Sports ” dodge ” Covid-19 from East to West

One of the hottest football current events is the concerns about the disease of Covid-19 spread along with complicated and unpredictable developments in many countries from China, South Korea, Japan to Italy … the past and upcoming times cause many sports schedules to turn upside down. or have to “fight the situation”.

Most viewers wore a Covid-19 protective mask when watching the Rugby Prize in Tokyo, Japan on February 22.
Most viewers wore a Covid-19 protective mask when watching the Rugby Prize in Tokyo, Japan on February 22.

Asia manages exhaustedly to ease the situation

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Wuhan and many other provinces and cities, China has had to immediately and indefinitely cancel all international tournaments scheduled to host. The most prominent F1 race in Shanghai is from April 17 to April 19, which was officially announced from the F1 Organizing Committee to ensure the health of spectators, racing teams, employees, officials. Chinese teams must also find a way to borrow “neutral” pitches from regional countries to play because they cannot be held at home. Thailand agreed to lend China Chang Chang Stadium (Buriram) to play two spectator matches against the Maldives and Guam in March as part of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

China indefinitely postpones domestic football leagues
China indefinitely postpones domestic football leagues

In Southeast Asia, all 3 teams in Group G qualifying for the World Cup 2022 including Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia have canceled friendly matches to prepare for qualifying. The newest football current events are a friendly match between Malaysia and Bahrain on March 21 canceled due to fears of a complicated Covid-19 epidemic and other regional matches.

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Meanwhile, the Vietnamese team, after canceling a friendly match with the Iraqi team, was fortunate enough to earn a “green army” instead of Kyrgyzstan. This match against the Central Asian team is scheduled to take place on Go Dau Stadium (Binh Duong) on ​​March 26 and sell tickets for the fans to support Park Hang Seo coach and his students.

One of the other football current events is the four national football championships of China (CSL), Vietnam (V.League), South Korea (K.League), Japan (J.League) have been postponed before complicated developments of the disease. The matches within the AFC Champions League took place at home for Korean teams to be held but there were no spectators. K.League has not been able to “finalize” the start of the new season. And the J.League tournament is postponed until March 15. After that day, the disease was still under control, the peak matches in Japan continued to be postponed.

Other football current events are also keep being affected

Other football current events are also keep being affected in wwhich includes the South Africa U.23 team, also canceled friendly match with U.23 Japan team. It is noteworthy that the Tokyo Marathon 2020, scheduled to take place on March 1, only allows 167 professional runners and 30 wheelchair riders to compete and reject 38,000 “amateur” even though they have registered to pay participation .

In the context of only 5 months from the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the maximum anxiety and preventive measures from Japan are completely understandable. Recently, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee delayed the training for the event volunteers. Safety for the next Summer Olympics is a big question mark.

At the continental level, the Asian futsal finals in Turkmenistan 2020 with a Vietnamese team attending to compete for a ticket to the futsal World Cup finals also delayed indefinitely. The DPRK also canceled the Pyongyang International Marathon at the beginning of April.

Europe sports fans are watching sports in fire

In Europe’s football current events, when the “outbreak” of Covid-19 began to erupt in the Lombardy region, Northern Italy with the capital city of Milan, the football-like country of the boot immediately encountered “chaos”. The Italian Football Confederation is forced to postpone 4 matches in Serie A and 42 matches in youth and amateur leagues in order to comply with the regulations of the Italian Government to prevent Covid-19 epidemic. The Europa League second leg match between Inter Milan and Ludogorets Razgrad on February 28 must also take place without the audience.

Meanwhile, when the Barcelona club arrived in Naples (southern Italy) to play with the Napoli club on February 26 within the first round of the Champions League. According to the lastest football current events reporters that the first round had to undergo a mandatory medical examination at the airport to preventing Covid-19 by the Italian authorities forcing all passengers with flights to and from the territory of this country to have a body temperature test.

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Covid-19 and the "escape" of soccer stars
Corona virus and the “escape” of soccer stars

Fatal Epidemic keeps raging throughout European countries

Four out of 2,500 Valencia club fans carried out quarantine and tested Covid-19 after coming to Milan (Italy) to attend the Valencia – Atalanta match in the Champions League. When they return to Spain they have some unusual health symptoms.

European football currently “holds its breath” hoping that the Covid-19 epidemic will not spread strongly across the continent because in the worst case, it will seriously affect a series of major sports competitions taking place next summer. With football has a Champions League final on 31-5 in Istanbul (Turkey).

After that, according to the speech of authorities from football current events,  the UEFA EURO 2020 Final takes place in 12 countries and the tournament’s opening match takes place in Rome (Italy) on June 12. It will not be any worse if EURO 2020 is postponed, rescheduled or teams must play in a stadium without a silent audience like sheets. Therefore, the faithful soccer enthusiasts now only know how to pray.
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