South Korea vs Iraq Prediction | World Cup Qual. AFC | 09/02

South Korea vs Iraq prediction: South Korea opened the third qualifying campaign with a host to Iraq at home. The “Asian Tigers” are having an extremely comprehensive group of players while Iraq has fallen a lot after winning the 2007 Asian Cup. It is difficult to hope for a positive result for Iraq when they are at a disadvantage in all respects.

South Korea vs Iraq Prediction


  • Match date: 11:00 a.m – 2021/09/02
  • Event: World Cup Qual. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: World Cup Stadium



South Korea is said to be the heaviest candidate for a spot in Group A. Under coach Paulo Bento and star Son Heung Min, this team has been playing successfully for more than a year now. Passed the 2nd qualifying round easily with 5 wins after 6 matches. Korea scored 22 goals and received only 1 goal. Extremely effective in defense but still effective in attack. All three wins in the East Asian Cup against Japan once again proved the strength of this team.

South Korea is still enjoying a stable pace with 6 consecutive wins, including 5 clean sheets. It is not surprising if the next 90 minutes will end with a victory for the Kim Chi team.

South Korea vs Iraq Prediction

Iraq passed the second round with a second place in Group C. However, it must be admitted that they are falling into a group that is too light. Since the 2007 Asian Championship, Iraqi football has not found a worthy successor and is showing signs of going down. This is clearly shown in 2 draws with Bahrain or 0-1 defeat against Iran.

The performance of the attack is quite poor, but the Iraqi defense is gaining certainty. They only conceded 4 times in 8 matches in the 2nd qualifying round. It is difficult to expect a surprise against Korea. However, with the goal of getting a draw, Iraq can completely cause difficulties for the home team.

A one-way battle is expected with the overwhelming force relationship of Korea. However, the solid play and experience of the two teams hardly bring a match with many goals. In fact, the last 2 meetings of the two teams did not have more than 2 goals. With the necessary caution on the first day of the army, the faint door will bring safety.

Select: Under 2.5 FT.


The quality of the Korean squad and tradition are completely outstanding. This is the time when they have high expectations with star Son Heung Min in the lineup. In the last 5 matches, Korea got 3 wins and no losses. Iraq with a squad that has passed their peak is not an opponent that can cause difficulties for the home team.

The recent performance of Korea vs Iraq is also quite opposite. Iraq in the last 6 official matches only got 3 wins against weak teams like Hong Kong and Cambodia. And they let Yemen and Bahrain hold the draw down. The Iraqi side is extremely stable when they have 6 consecutive victories. Notably, 2 wins 2-1 against Lebanon and 1-0 against Japan. There are not many opportunities for Iraq when the opponent is too strong. The first 3 points for Korea is a reliable choice.

Select: South Korea FT.


The European odds are showing that the bookie underestimates the fact that Iraq has a point. Unstable performance and having to play away from home make the difference in level compared to the opponent difficult to level. South Korea’s performance is showing that Iraq’s chances are close to zero.

South Korea vs Iraq Prediction

Select: South Korea FT.

South Korea vs Iraq Prediction: South Korea 2-0 Iraq FT (1-0 H1).


South Korea: Seoung Gyu, Young Kwon, Hun Kwon, Hong Chul, Min Jae, Tae Hee, Moon Hwan, Hwang Ui Jo, Woo Young, Jae Sung, Son Heung Min.

Iraq:  Hachim, Natiq, Adnan, Al Qafaje, Jabbar, Attwan, Resan, Tariq, Hadi, Mhawi, Mohanad

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of World Cup Qual. AFC between South Korea vs Iraq on 2021/09/02 of the CMD368 bookie.