Son Heung-min’s back to Korea to attend military training course

Striker Son Heung-min was allowed to return to his hometown by the Tottenham team to complete a 4-week military training course.

Will Son Heung Min join the military service?

On the morning of April 2, the Korean media surprised many by saying that the star playing in the English Premier League, Son Heung-min, was present at home. According to Osen, the striker returned to complete a 4-week basic military training in South Korea.

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Son Heung-min's back to Korea to attend  military training course
Son Heung-min does not have to join the military service after helping the Korean Olympic Games win the gold medal of the 18 Asian Games, but the player must still attend the compulsory basic training.

According to Osen, Son Heung-min and Steven Bergwijn are the two players allowed by Tottenham’s management to return to their home country at this time. While Bergwijn flew to the Netherlands to celebrate his birthday, Son returned to Korea.

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“Sonaldo” returned from March 27. However, he is in the mandatory isolation phase due to returning from the epidemic area and only returning after 14 days.

In the latest announcement, the South Korean military also confirmed this information: “Son Heung-min, who is under mandatory quarantine, will join the training camp from April 20. Of course, the plan is possible. varies depending on the situation at the Tottenham club as well as the Premier League “.

After winning the gold medal in the men’s Asian Games 18 football, Son Heung-min and all Korean Olympic players attending the tournament were exempt from military service. However, they still have to enroll in the mandatory 4-week basic training classes prescribed in the land of Kimchi.

Son Heung-min is in quarantine after returning from England.
Son Heung-min is in quarantine after returning from England.

Over the next 4 weeks, the 28-year-old will train on Jeju Island. According to Osen, Son wants to be living in harsh environments and training with high intensity.

At the end of the training, this player will return to England to prepare for the next round of the Premier League. Son’s Tottenham is currently 8th in the table with 41 points, 7 points behind Chelsea’s 4th.

Son Heung-min and his teammates had to reduce their salary

President Daniel Levy announced that all Tottenham players, coaching staff and staff must reduce their salaries by 20% for the next 2 months.

Tottenham has perfected the steps to reduce wages. This is a difficult decision for us but must do so to ensure revenue. All 550 members of the Tottenham club will have a 20% pay cut in April and May. We think this is the right level, ”Levy Chairman confirmed to Mirror.

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Son Heung-min is receiving the top salary in Tottenham.
Son Heung-min is receiving the top salary in Tottenham.

In the Tottenham squad, Harry Kane and Tanguy Ndombele receive the highest salary at £ 200,000 / week. Son Heung-min ranked 3rd with compensation of 140,000 pounds/week. Tottenham have to spend more than £ 80 million to make the first-team wages every year.

Mr. Levy decided to take action when he saw a series of clubs in Europe to adopt a pay cut plan. Lionel Messi and the Barca stars agree to a 70% reduction in income. Meanwhile, the entire Juventus team reduced wages in the next three months because they did not have money to sell tickets and advertise.

The British Professional Football Association, the Premier League organizers and the First Division League, discussed the player’s earnings cut last weekend. Man United is one of the clubs that has not considered reducing their salary. Meanwhile, many clubs have asked Premier League organizers to launch a “bailout” package during this period.

Currently, the most attractive football tournament in the world is out of April due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The Premier League is planning to gather in a venue and play on an empty-spectator field.

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