Sogndal vs Strommen prediction on September 8th, 2020

Sogndal vs Strommen prediction – Sogndal vs Strommen is a confrontation that will take place at 23h00 on 08/09. This is the match that belongs to the Norwegian championship. Current Sogndal vs Strommen performance is of equal strength.

Will the outcome of this match between Sogndal vs Strommen be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Sogndal vs Strommen prediction football right in the following article.

Sogndal vs Strommen prediction
Sogndal vs Strommen prediction


  • Sogndal: Mathias Blarud, Martin Ove Roseth, Axel Kryger, Igoh Ogbu, Daniel Eid, Sivert Mannsverk, Renze Fij, Tomas Totland, Kristoffer Hoven, Sixten Jensen, Markus Braendsröd.
  • Strommen: Sverre Björkkjaer, Magnus Tvedte, Simen Lillevik Kjellevold, Hasan Kurucay, Morten Björlo, Torje Naustdal, Morten Rena Olsen, Brede Sandmoen, Tega George, Youssef Chaib, Kjell Rune Sellin.


  • September 22, 2019 – Strommen 2 – 0 Sogndal (1st half: 0 – 0)
  • June 16, 2019 – Sogndal 4 – 2 Strommen (Half 1: 3 – 0)
  • March 10, 2019 – Sogndal 3 – 0 Strommen (1st half: 0 – 0)
History record of Sogndal vs Strommen
History record of Sogndal vs Strommen


Sogndal has an unbeaten record in the last 10 rounds, with 8 wins and 2 draws. They have risen to 4th place on the rankings with 36 points and are only 6 points behind the lead. The results in the past time have shown a strong breakthrough of Sogndal on the current rankings. If it is possible to win on Strommen’s guest trip, Sogndal will take second place from Mjondalen. With an impressive performance in recent years, coach Eirik Bakke can completely do this.

Contrary to Sogndal, Strommen is in a pretty bad form when they have only 2 wins and 8 losses in the last 10 rounds. From the beginning of the season until now Strommen also only got 4 wins, drew 1 and lost 13 matches. They are also one of the two teams with the most losses in the Norwegian Second Division so far. Those results also caused Strommen to fall to the penultimate position on the rankings with 13 points. If you cannot get good results in the upcoming rounds, the risk of sinking deeply into crisis is inevitable for Strommen.

Experts say that with the decline in performance recently, it is likely that Strommen will find it difficult to win points against Sogndal, although they can play at home in this match, the home team will be highly likely. continue to be empty-handed.

Sogndal is the team that holds more advantages in this match
Sogndal is the team that holds more advantages in this match


Sogndal is facing a great opportunity to extend his unbeaten streak and get closer to the top of the standings when they are currently 3rd with 24 points after 7 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. The recent performance of this team is also quite stable when they are unbeaten for the last 8 consecutive matches with 5 wins and 3 draws and those are all away drawn.

In addition, the home field performance of coach Eirik Bakke in recent times is extremely excellent when they have won all the last 4 consecutive matches, scored 11 goals and received only 2 goals. Even more impressive is that in the 4 home wins, there has been a destructive 4-0 victory over the team ranked second in the chart at the moment, Ranheim IL.

After 3 losses and 1 draw in 4 consecutive matches, in the previous match, Strommen players had a 5-2 victory in the reception of Jerv. Although it is an opponent that is not appreciated when he only got 15 points after 13 matches, it also helps them to have excitement in the upcoming matches. Coach Nesselquist’s weak point is to play extremely badly in away matches, as evidenced by the fact that this season they only earned themselves 1 point in 7 trips as visitors with 1 draw and 6 loss, In which the only draw was before Raufoss with a 1-1 draw, remember this is only the team that has just won 13 points after 13 matches.

In addition to having a better form than their opponent and possessing an impressive home field record in recent years, Sogndal is also very confident because in the past they have never lost to this opponent at home, even All 6 times won each other, including up to 5 bold wins with a difference of 2 goals or more. In addition, with 13 points more than this opponent after 13 matches, the difference in class, as well as the strength of the home team compared to the away team, is too large. Therefore, experts predict the soccer score of that coach Eirik Bakke will not take too much strength to be able to spend all 3 points in this confrontation.

Our final score Sogndal vs Strommen prediction is 3 – 1