Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Prediction | 1. HNL | 07/24

Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb prediction: Slaven Belupo created the biggest surprise in the first round 1. HNL defeated the defending champions D. Zagreb with a score of 2-0. Back at home, in the next match, Slaven Belupo will welcome Lokomotiva Zagreb players. Three points will be the common goal of the two teams in this battle.

Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Prediction


  • Match date: 04:55 pm on 2021/07/24
  • Event: 1. HNL
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd
  • Location: Gradski Stadion



With the home-field advantage Gradski Stadion u Koprivnici, Slaven Belupo is more appreciated than Lokomotiva Zagreb. However, history is in favor of Lokomotiva Zagreb players.

Slaven Belupo’s form in the last 5 matches: W D W W W

Slaven Belupo’s performance recently was extremely impressive. After the last 5 matches, Slaven Belupo did not lose any matches instead, they won 4 victories and 1 draw. Thus, Slaven Belupo’s win rate accounts for 80% and this is an impressive achievement for a team that had to struggle last season to successfully stay in the relegation zone.

In the opening match for the new season Slaven Belupo as a guest on the field of defending champions D. Zagreb. Not being evaluated for the ability to have points, but Slaven Belupo created a big shock when he defeated D. Zagreb with a score of 2-0.

Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Prediction

Lokomotiva Zagreb’s form in the last 5 matches: L W W W D

Compared to the opponent, Lokomotiva Zagreb has also made a lot of efforts in the past time. Despite having received 1 defeat in the last 5 matches, immediately after that Lokomotiva Zagreb won 3 consecutive victories and 1 draw. If this performance is promoted, it is likely that Lokomotiva Zagreb will also create a big surprise in this year’s tournament.

In the last match, Lokomotiva Zagreb played at home and the opponent was Hajduk Split. In this match, Lokomotiva Zagreb played somewhat inferiorly to the visitors when they only won 43% of the ball control. After 90 minutes of playing Lokomotiva Zagreb vs Hajduk Split tied with the score of 2-2, this can be considered an acceptable result for Lokomotiva Zagreb.

Select: Slaven Belupo FT.


After the last 5 matches between the two teams, Lokomotiva Zagreb is getting better results than Slaven Belupo. That is shown by the fact that Lokomotiva Zagreb defeated the opponent 3 times and drew the remaining 2 matches. Thus, Lokomotiva Zagreb has not lost any matches against Slaven Belupo.

In the last match the two teams met, Lokomotiva Zagreb won the overall. Playing at home Lokomotiva Zagreb defeated Slaven Belupo with a score of 3-1.

Select: Slaven Belupo FT.


Slaven Belupo’s attack has shown strength in the last 5 matches. The number of goals that Slaven Belupo players together scored is 12, the scoring efficiency corresponds to 2.4 goals/match. Meanwhile, Slaven Belupo’s defense also received 1 goal per game.

Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Prediction

On the other side of the front line, Lokomotiva Zagreb’s attack is not inferior to the opponent’s when there are 11 times to tear the opponent’s net after 5 recent matches. However, the number of goals conceded by this team was also 7.

With Over/Under 2.25, Slaven Belupo has 2 Over matches in the last 5 matches. Meanwhile, Lokomotiva Zagreb has all 5 matches ending with more than 2 goals.

Select: Over 2.25 FT.

Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Prediction: Slaven Belupo v2-1s Lokomotiva Zagreb FT (1-0 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 2nd match of 1. HNL between Slaven Belupo vs Lokomotiva Zagreb on 2021/07/24 of the CMD368 bookie.