Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction | Allsvenskan | 07/04

Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction: In the framework of the Swedish league, Sirius and Mjallby AIF are two teams that have not had stable performances in recent times. They will have a confrontation this weekend. A match is considered an opportunity for both teams to find the necessary points. Which team will show a more effective play and win this confrontation?

Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 2021/07/04
  • Event: Allsvenskan
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Studenternas IP






Sirius currently has 9 points and is ranked 12th on the table, a bad achievement of the home team. Statistics show that Sirius has never had a win in the last 5 matches. Instead, there are only 2 draws and 3 defeats. The lack of competition and a lot of decline in the form are causing the home team players to face many difficulties at the reception this weekend.

Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction

Mjallby AIF currently has 10 points and is ranked 9th on the rankings, a performance that is slightly better than the home team. Statistics show that Mjallby AIF is having a good performance when bringing 2 wins and 3 draws in the last 5 matches. Not having to receive any defeat in the past time is helping away players have gained considerable confidence in the upcoming away trip.

Despite having just had a good performance, with not creating too much superiority for the opponent, Mjallby AIF is still very careful to choose a slow and high certainty play style in this match. Creating a reasonable game as well as actively rotating the ball in a safe area. It will give the visitor more time to learn the opponent as well as limit the unfortunate mistakes that appear. A war of caution and a few goals appearing is just a necessity for this confrontation.

Select: Under 2.25 FT (Over 1 H1).


Being able to play in their holy place is a great advantage for Sirius. But with the serious decline in performance recently, it is really difficult for the home team to take advantage of this advantage to create pressure on their opponent. This inadvertently helps the away team players gain significant confidence. 

Select: Mjallby AIF FT.


Having 3 points in this match helps Mjallby AIF rise to 6th place in the table with the same score as the 2 top opponents. The gap between the teams in this area is not really safe. While continuing to improve the competitive spirit of the players to help them get better performances in the next matches. Despite being a guest, the opportunity for Mjallby AIF is still really clear. Believe that victory will still belong to Mjallby AIF in this confrontation.

Select: Mjallby AIF FT.


The distance created by the opponent in this match with Sirius is not too far. But with a serious decline in form, it is really difficult for the home team to hope for a good game. Even they are enjoying the advantage of competing in their own mecca. A good signal for the away team. Taking advantage of the fact that the opponent has not yet had the most stable playing mentality. Along with the improvement in performance, playing hard and creating the necessary certainty, believe that the final victory will still follow the Mjallby AIF players to leave.

Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction: Sirius 0 – 1 Mjallby AIF FT (0-1 H1).

Sirius vs Mjallby AIF Prediction


Sirius: Lukas Jonsson, Daniel Jarl, Axel Bjornstrom, Elias Andersson, Tim Bjorkstrom, Karl Larson, Adam Hellborg, Mohammed Saeid, Jamie Roche, Sugi, Nahom Netabay.

Mjallby AIF: Marko Johansson, Max Watson, Jonathan Tamimi, Jesper Gustavsson, Eric Björkander, Jesper Löfgren, David Löfquist, Mohanad Jeahze, Mamudo Moro, Besard Sabovic, Moses Ogbu.

The above is information about the prediction in the 9th match between Sirius vs Mjallby AIF of Allsvenskan on 2021/07/04 of the CMD368 bookie.