Shocking News for English Football: Man City faces crisis risk

Follow current football current events, the “rich man” of Manchester has just received a 2-year ban on playing in European Cups with a £ 25 million violation for the serious violation of the provisions of the Financial Fair Law (FFP). Even the champions of the Premier League can be pushed down to play in the fourth position.

The reason why Man City be guilty?

Not only a serious violation of the Financial Fair Law, but also Man City also has signs of hiding revenue in reports sent to UEFA.

The Etihad Stadium has declared the revenue (from sponsors) in the financial report submitted to UEFA from 2012-2016. The overpayment of players and the recruitment of many stars is the reason why Man City is forced to exaggerate revenue, in order to circumvent financial fairness laws.

Specifically, in the period from 2012 to 2016, Man City received many “support” amounts illegally from the parent company in the UAE. These “virtual” financials have shaded the revenue earned from the image business.

Will the City’s owners still invest in this team in the future? Photo: DM.

After grasping the mistakes of Man City, UEFA gradually discloses the infringing documents from the end of 2018. The figure that Abu Dhabi United (the parent company) illegally transferred to Man City about 60 million pounds/year. Man City has used this number to pay off debt, instead of using the money he earned himself.

In the law of financial justice, the act of receiving money from external sources to conduct activities related to internal payment or debt repayment is a serious violation. It can lead to inflation in the transfer market, devaluation of players and negative impact on small teams.

UEFA said Man City has the right to appeal to the Sports Court (CAS) about the penalty.

In response to UEFA’s heavy penalty, Man City denied any wrongdoing and accused the European soccer regulator of imposing a penalty before the investigation began. The Etihad club will announce that they will appeal.

A dark future awaits Man City

Last season, Man City earned £ 86 million from the Champions League with a quarter-final record. With a ban of participation in two seasons, the Etihad team will lose about 170 million pounds. Besides, Man City was also fined £ 25 million. Not to mention, there is still lost revenue from other advertising …

The UEFA ruling against Man City makes it difficult for the team to cling to Pep Guardiola. Photo: DM.

If the International Court of Sport (CAS) upholds the penalty, Man City could be in crisis. Especially the upcoming football current events are Champions League arena in the next two seasons will be a heavy blow to this club. The ruling that UEFA has raised raises questions about the future of Pep Guardiola as well as the risk of losing the top stars.

Last summer transfer, the British media mentioned Pep Guardiola coach was contacted by the Juventus club. But in the end, the Spanish strategist committed to sticking with Man City when the contract between the two sides is still 2 years.

The possibility of coach Pep Guardiola will leave at the end of the season if Man City fails in both the Premier League and the Champions League football current events. Man City is currently outstripped by Liverpool in the race to win the Premier League. In the European arena, their next door is not very bright when the opponent in the next round of 16 teams is Real Madrid.

Guardiola has led Man City since the summer of 2016. During his four years at Manchester, he helped the team win the Premier League twice, winning 1 FA Cup, and 2 League Cups. If the blue half of Manchester is banned in the European Cup, they have almost nothing to hold on to Pep’s determination to leave.

Predict there will be a “wave” of stars fleeing from Man City. Photo: DM.

With a series of top stars in Europe, Man City is currently the team with the highest squad value in the Premier League, up to 1.16 billion pounds. With the penalty of UEFA, Etihad will most likely come here as a quality “discount market” for big teams to tear.

Among the current top City players, Aymeric Laporte, Bernardo Silva and goalkeeper Ederson are also long-term contracts. Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling have 3 years left on their contracts. These are the players being interested in Real Madrid and Barca. Along with that, Man City will also face the loss of winger Leroy Sane, who is being coveted by Bayern Munich.
The ban on competition also makes Man City no longer an ideal destination for the players for the football current events, so the rebuilding of the team is more difficult.