Shocked: Man City Stars rebelled, Pep was angry

Captain David Silva and the Man City players are not part of the team. This caused a huge crack in the dressing room of the defending champions.

The rebellion started from’s players financial fear 

The story of reducing salaries of Premier League clubs is going in a very complicated way. There, even the most wealthy teams are easy to lose control. Because, in the difficult time of global siege because of the Covid-19 pandemic, even the star players were afraid that their financial background was seriously affected.

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Coach Pep Guardiola gets angry with the City players
Coach Pep Guardiola gets angry with the City players

According to the Daily Mail, there is a huge rift in the locker room of the Premier League club, the most prominent is the defending champion Man City. Accordingly, coach Pep Guardiola is very angry with the behavior of the star players.

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According to this source, it seems that the Spaniard is on the side of the club and supporting the decision to reduce wages for the whole team. In his opinion, Pep is said to want all to share their difficulties with the whole team in the time when the Covid-19 pandemic was still besieging Man City in particular, the English Premier League in general.

Meanwhile, the leader David Silva – who has only a few months left on his contract with City – does not agree with the opinion of his compatriot. In online video meetings with the English Football Association and representatives of the clubs, David Silva, Jordan Henderson along with many other leaders of 20 Premier League clubs, resolutely disagree with the proposed 30% pay cut.

How Pep Guardiola will face with the Man City Stars is stars

It is not known how Pep Guardiola will face the stars of Man City. At this moment, Pep seemed to have only Kevin de Bruyne on his side. Meanwhile, a series of other stars decided not to compromise. This is not an easy problem to solve in a day or two.

Not only in Manchester City, but the debate over the Premier League’s salary reduction is also still in a deadlock with most of the other clubs in the league.

A series of video meetings between the English Football Federation and representatives of 20 clubs along with 20 leaders are constantly being held. However, most of the opinions of the 20 leaders of the 20 clubs playing in the English Premier League continue to stand by the players, and they think that reducing wages at this time is not necessary.

The leaders of 20 Premier League clubs are determined not to reduce their wages
The leaders of 20 Premier League clubs are determined not to reduce their wages

Still, according to the Daily Mail, David Silva, Jordan Henderson, and many other stars are afraid that clubs and Man City can take this chaotic situation to profit, even taking advantage of the context to force players to sign an unfair contract. , with less than what they deserve. The players are concerned that if they yield the club’s demands at this time, they will have to sign unfavorable contracts in the future.

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