SHOCK: The Match In The C1 Cup Was The Culprit Spreading Virus

A leading scientist recently suggested that the outbreak of the epidemic virus in Europe spread sharply possibly from a match in the C1 Cup.

The culprit that spread the epidemic virus throughout Europe

The match in the C1 Cup mentioned by the scientist is the confrontation between Atalanta and Valencia in the first round of 1/8 Champions League this season. The match was supposed to be held at Atalanta’s Bergamo but was later moved to San Siro because the home of the Italian representative was too small. Under the support of 44,000 fans, Atalanta surprised to win with a score of 4-1.

SHOCK: The Match In The C1 Cup Was The Culprit Spreading Virus
Atalanta surprised in the match played on San Siro

But one thing no one expected when this match in the C1 Cup was the culprit spread the epidemic virus at a dizzying speed in both Italy and Spain, and then spread throughout Europe. Before that, Bergamo was the most heavily affected town in Italy during the pandemic with 3,800 cases of infection and 580 deaths. At one point, on average every 30 minutes, there was a fatal case because of the epidemic here.

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Italian immunologist Francesco Le Foche said he was extremely sorry to witness a large number of people, including the audience, the fans gathered in Milan to watch the match in the C1 Cup between Atalanta and Valencia. It is also the source and the center of the disease.

“It is a month considering that match in the C1 Cup, the time of the outbreak changed into very accidental. The gathering of thousands of people, standing close to each other, only about 2 centimeters apart, are even extremely attached to the state of shouting, shouting at each other full of euphoria, hugging each other. Perhaps it is the virus spread, ”Mr. Lo Foche asked.

This hypothesis of Le Foche was confirmed by the Head of Respiratory Department of Bergamo Hospital, Mr. Fabiano Di Marco and emphasized: “How has the epidemic happened? On February 19, 40,000 citizens in Bergamo moved to Milan’s San Siro to watch Atalanta vs Valencia. They travel by bus, train, personal car … It is “a biological bomb”, unfortunately so. “

According to the latest information, the first team of the Atalanta Club is currently isolated because goalkeeper Marco Sportiello has been confirmed positive for the pandemic. Valencia, meanwhile, said last week that more than a third of its players and coaches had tested positive for the virus since their trip to Italy.

Talking about the plague situation, Russian phone doctor, Eduard Bezuglov, made his views: “Everything about this epidemic will last until the end of May, even early June, certainly as such. I think everything will be fine in July. I think the epidemic will pass, and the isolation order will be lifted. ”

UEFA makes the latest decision for the C1 Cup: When will the delay finish?

At the meeting of the European Football Council (UEFA) last week, the decision to postpone the UEFA EURO 2020 to 2021 was made and reached a high consensus from the parties. The cause of this abnormality is that the Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly in Europe.

SHOCK: The Match In The C1 Cup Was The Culprit Spreading Virus
What is the fate of the Champions League and the Europa League?

However, the fate of the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League is still left without a consensus from the parties. Earlier, the press reported that UEFA is expected to reschedule the Champions League final from May 30 to June 27, 2020. Similarly, the Europa League will shift the time for the final from May 27 to June 24, but no decision has been made.

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Another option that is considered is that the tournament will be shortened from the semi-finals (playing only one game instead of two turns as usual) but it was not approved.

Identifying the situation ahead, the European football federation in the latest meeting on March 23 has announced the fate of the Champions League and Europa League. Because of the pressure of the global epidemic, UEFA has made an option to officially delay matches that were formerly scheduled to be held in May. It is the final of the Champions League for men and women, for the Europa League final.

Tournaments will be postponed indefinitely and no decision has been made yet regarding the replay. The European Football Council, chaired by chairman Aleksander Čeferin, will meet again to make a final decision. The next notice will be given in the near future. 
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