Serie A Suspended Because Of Corona

Forced to sit and play for a month, Ronaldo and Juventus also received more shocking news when Serie A suspended and might not give the championship to anyone because of Corona.

Serie A suspended because of Corona: Ronaldo – Juventus received more shocking news

Ronaldo and his teammates have just received bad news when the Italian government decided to suspend all sports activities until April 3. The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte in person, announced this decision after approving the proposal of the President of the Italian Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malago.

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The Serie A was officially delayed because of Corona virut 19
The Serie A was officially delayed because of Corona virut 19

The Corona disease situation in Italy was so bad that the government was forced to issue a blockade order across the country. People only move away from their residence in an emergency or mandatory job. Currently, the number of infections in this country has reached nearly 8000 people.

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With this decision, Serie A will officially take a break of nearly a month and even EURO 2020 will be considered for postponement. Expected, the opening match of the European finals between Italy and Turkey will be held on 12/6. The distortion of the current situation has opened a question, how to end the Serie A before the start of the EURO finals?

Which scenario for Serie A 2019/20 when coming back?

La Repubblica revealed that there are currently three scenarios for Serie A 2019/20 when returning. The first scenario is that EURO 2020 is also postponed because of the Corona epidemic. The biggest football festival in Europe is likely to be delayed for a few months or postponed to the summer of 2021. If this happens, Serie A 2019/20 will continue to play normally and find a home. the enemy. Currently, Juventus is leading with 63 points after 26 rounds but only 1 point behind Lazio.

The second scenario that can happen is that the UEFA EURO 2020 will still take place as expected and Serie A will also start to kick back on April 3. If this is the case, the tournament organizers will consider the possibility of playing two rounds a week and suspend the Coppa Italia (the second leg of the semi-final and the final) until August.

Ronaldo and Juventus risk losing the Serie A 2019/20 championship due to Corona
Ronaldo and Juventus risk losing the Serie A 2019/20 championship due to Corona

However, the feasibility of this option is being considered by the big teams like Juventus, Inter, Atalanta who are still playing in the European Cup. With such a tight schedule, the Italian football giants are hard to accept especially when they are capable of winning the title double, or even treble (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Champions League) like Juventus.

In the event that Serie A cannot organize the remaining 12 rounds (due to the Corona epidemic is still raging or unable to schedule), the organizers will end the tournament in round 26. That is extremely news. Not happy for Ronaldo and his teammates because Serie A will not count the champion, but only this result to choose the teams to attend the European Cup next season.

In addition, no team should be relegated and Serie A 2020/2021 will play with 22 teams when they have two promotion places from Serie B. That is a really sad prospect for not only Juventus but also Lazio or Inter, These teams have competed fiercely in the past.
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