Serie A return date is determined at the end of May?

The Serie A 2020 tournament will continue to take place and complete the remaining rounds and identify Serie A return date at the end of May.

Ronaldo is currently the leading striker of Juventus after two seasons
Ronaldo is currently the leading striker of Juventus after two seasons

Serie A teams can return to training in May

Clubs in Serie A 2020 can practice again from the 4-5 day and if the situation of preventing the Covid-19 epidemic is positive, with the permission of the Italian Prime Minister, this attractive tournament will compete. Fighting back in the week from May 27 to June 2, is expected to end in early August this year.

Serie A return date to training in May.
Serie A return date to training in May.

Italy is the most heavily affected country in Europe because of the Covid-19 epidemic with more than 200,000 cases and 26,644 deaths. However, the epidemic prevention and control in this area is witnessing significant improvement, and hospitals and intensive care rooms are no longer treating many patients.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the players can practice on their own from 4-5 days and start joining forces, practicing together from 18-5. Mr. Giuseppe Conte also emphasized that the government will assess the general situation in the coming time to decide whether this year’s Serie A 2020 season will have to end or continue to complete the remaining rounds.

“We need to discuss carefully before making a decision that must ensure the maximum safety for the people if the tournament continues. We are passionate about sports, love football and do not want the campaign. infected members, “the Italian prime minister told the media.

Juventus players look forward to the Serie A 2020 title when the tournament is allowed to return
Juventus players look forward to the Serie A 2020 title when the tournament is allowed to return

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) also hopes this season will be completed

With this hope, they also develop and draft projects to ensure the absolute safety of players till the future determined Serie A return date, coaching staff and members of the club. will start training again this May.

Accordingly, to start each training session, the clubs absolutely adhere to the planned training group, avoid gathering too many people in one place, and must have a medical team to check the body temperature, beat evaluate the health of players after each training session. Each club will also be equipped with 5 test kits for rapid testing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Before the excitement of the soccer world when news of Serie A 2020 will return soon, but some medical experts also warned of the danger and the risk of recurrence if the tournament is allowed to take place.

“Football is a mass-contact sport. Will tournament organizers ensure absolute safety in every match even without the presence of spectators watching live in the stands? The world is deciding. mind fighting disease by suspending or canceling sports tournaments, avoiding crowds of people with a call for a sense of self-isolation, deciding whether to bring the tournament back during this time to go against the rules anti-epidemic?

After being suspended because of the pandemic on 9-3, Juventus is leading the Serie A 2020 rankings with 63 points, 1 point higher than the second group Lazio table after 26 rounds. The tournament has 12 more rounds to finish and the competition for the throne this season, as well as the Champions League, places next season has not ended when the points gap between the top 6 teams is not too large.

All the clubs in Serie A and football followers are waiting for the pandemic ends and an exact Serie A return date.

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