Serie A: Heavily canceled by the outbreak of Covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic in Italy is adversely affecting the financial situation in this country, Juventus is one of the teams that suffer the most.

The number of Covid-19 infections in Italy has skyrocketed, causing a series of sporting events in the country to be postponed.

The development of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy is increasingly complicated, over the weekend 4 matches of the Serie A, 2019/2020 framework have been postponed because the stadium held matches in the outbreak area.

Italy Football, Serie A matches were heavily canceled by the outbreak of Covid-19

All sporting events taking place in northern Italy on February 23 have been suspended. Not stopping there, it is likely that the next round of Serie A will also be postponed before the unpredictable developments of the disease.

As of February 24, the number of Covid-19 infections in Italy has increased to 152, including three deaths. When asked about the possibility of the next round of Serie A being postponed, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: “I don’t think within the next week we can slow the spread of the disease to physical events. Sports may continue to play.

Juve vs Inter-War officially does not audience because of corona virus
Juve vs Inter-War officially does not audience because of corona virus

We will regularly monitor the situation and make assessments. At the present time I cannot say in advance whether or not to delay the matches next week. ”

Most likely round 26 Serie A will be suspended due to the influence of Covid-19.
Most likely round 26 Serie A will be suspended due to the influence of Covid-19.

Thus, the match that is worth waiting between Inter Milan and Juventus in the next round is likely to be postponed. Not only Serie A, the second leg of the round of the Europa League team between host Inter and Ludogorets also falls into the same situation.

Ludogorets has asked UEFA and Inter to determine the situation to make sure that more than 600 of their fans can move from Bulgaria to Milan to cheer the team.

UEFA, as well as the Italian Football Federation, will continue to monitor the situation and consider, the safety of the fans will be a top priority.

Covid-19 caused Juventus losses of nearly 200 million euros

The stock market in Italy has plummeted since the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Juventus also could not escape the consequences when the stock price of this team fell more than 10% in less than 2 days.

Specifically, the shares of the Bianconeri from 1,141 euros/share reduced to 1,006 euros/share at the end of the trading session on 24/2 in Italy, which means the value of Juve from 1,5175 billion euros to 1,338 billion. euro, the deficit of 179.5 million euros.

Serie A

Juventus received huge losses due to Covid-19‘s influence in Italy.

Italy is the largest outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe, with 231 cases and 7 deaths as of February 25. Earlier, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered a postponement of all sports activities in northern Italy over the weekend. With the current tense situation, it is likely that the next round of Serie A will also be postponed. If the Italian Football Federation fights for matches to go according to plan, the spectators will not be allowed to enter the field to watch the match.

In Serie A, Juventus is leading with 60 points after 25 rounds. In the Champions League, the Italian team will face Olympique Lyon on the morning of February 27.

The first player in Italy infected with the Covid-19 virus

A new strain of virus is raging and has a significant impact on football around the world. Recently, the Italian press revealed information about the first player in Italy to be found positive for Covid – 19.

Corona virus originating in China is in the development stage and spread quickly. This new strain is appearing all over the world and developed countries in Europe cannot avoid the raging of Covid – 19.

In Europe, Italy is the country most affected not only in the economy but also in sports activities, especially football. Up to this point, the boot-shaped country has received 528 cases of Covid – 19 of which 14 died.

Recently, according to news from the Italian press, a player from the Pianese club in Serie C was found positive for the new virus. The unnamed player showed signs of flu from Saturday last week and was not registered to play for safety. After isolation and testing time, doctors announced that this is the first Italian player infected with the new strain of Corona virus.

Italy postponed many matches in Serie A because of COVID 19
Italy postponed many matches in Serie A because of COVID 19

At this time, the club was concerned about the distribution of Covid 19 at the club when the player returned to lunch with the team on Saturday. Although the player was healthy again, he was still in the process of getting out. After taking part in and taking care, the club also canceled the training sessions to wait for further instructions from the Italian epidemiology institute.

In other developments, Serie A is also heavily influenced by Covid – 19 when matches in the round of 25 of the highest tournament in Italy will be postponed and some matches will be played without spectators. Most notably is the “match 6 points” between Juventus and Inter Milan. This match will directly affect the championship race and it is unfortunate that the fans can not see firsthand and create a hot atmosphere for this match. It is expected to keep competing between 2 teams without the participation of live audiences in the Serie A.
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