Serie A risk to cancel, Juventus refused to receive the trophy

The president of the Italian Football Federation revealed that Juventus would “play well” in the case of the 2019/20 Serie A champion ending prematurely because of COVID-19.

Serie A cannot play

After 26 rounds, Juventus is leading with 1 point more than Lazio. Maurizio Sarri’s side is on their way to a 9th straight Serie A champion title. There are 12 matches left and the Italian government has pushed back all sports activities until at least April 13.

Under the influence of COVID-19, the Italian Government banned all sports activities until April 13, in which Serie A was also postponed indefinitely when the Serie A champion season was determined by only 12 left rounds. However, recently, the Football Association President of Italy (FIGC) – Gabriele Gravina confirmed that they are doing everything to complete the season.

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Serie A is in danger of ending soon, but the top team Juventus does not agree with the plan of giving the championship to them
Serie A is in danger of ending soon, but the top team Juventus does not agree with the plan of giving the championship to them

“Our first priority is to complete the Serie A 2019/20. Under the original idea, the tournament will return on May 20 or early June and end in July, even if it means The proposal was organized in August or September. I personally do not agree with the plan to sacrifice this season, “Gravina told TMW Radio.

Facing the complicated disease situation in Italy, it is not easy for these options to become a reality. In the worst case, Serie A 2019/20 may suffer the same fate as the Belgian league (Jupiler Pro League) – the tournament has just announced the end of the tournament and always give the championship to the top team Club Brugge.

FIGC boss doesn’t want to cancel

However, Gravina quickly denied the same possibility that happened to Serie A. The most powerful figure in Italian football revealed that Juventus itself did not accept the Serie A champion in this way. 

However, Gravina president Gravina believes that the early termination of the tournament will be an injustice. He said on TMW Radio: “The first priority is to finish the season. Ideally, the tournament will be back on May 20 or early June, ending in July. ”

“It is even likely to end in August or September. I think canceling the season will be quite complicated. It will be a serious injustice, which will lead to legal trouble. ”

“The Scudetto is given needs clarity. Even with Juventus, I believe they don’t like such a solution. ”

“Canceling the results of the season is a complex issue, leading to serious injustices. The Scudetto needs to be clearly defined and Juventus is not interested in that solution (giving the championship to the top team as well). “, quoting Gravina.

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In addition to the plan to end the season and select the champions, the Italian Football Association also considers many other options such as Serie A will not have a new king (only select teams that qualify for the European Cup next season), the team play playoffs for the top 4 teams and the bottom 4 teams (determine the relegation rate), 

Earlier, many Serie A clubs opposed the intention to continue the 2019/20 season. President of Brescia – Massimo Cellino declared not to play players if the situation of the disease is not controlled, even ready to give 0-3 in the remaining rounds.

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