Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction | 20/01/2021 | Bundesliga

Schalke 04 will be the next opponent of Koln on the 17th day of Bundesliga 2020/21. Let’s follow Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction.

The next match in the German National Championship will take place in the confrontation between Schalke 04 vs FC Koln. With both of them at the bottom of the standings, their scores in the upcoming match will be a valuable opportunity for them to accumulate more achievements this season. 

Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction


  • Match date: 7:30 pm on Wednesday 20th January 2021
  • Event: Bundesliga
  • Stage: Matchday 17th
  • Location: Veltins-Arena


Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction:

Asian handicap Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.0

  • Handicap Schalke 04 vs FC Koln for the whole match: 0.86 / 0 / -1.01
  • Handicap Schalke 04 vs FC Koln in the first half: 0.86 / 0 / -0.92

From 2015 until now, Schalke 04 has had a total of 10 encounters with FC Koln. The difference in achievements between the two teams is quite fragile when Schalke 04 has 2 wins and also lost 3 matches against FC Koln.

Up to now, Schalke 04’s attack has only had 12 goals and has conceded 39 times. For FC Koln, 13 goals and 27 goals are the statistics that visitors achieve.

In the next match, the Schalke 04 Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Schalke 04  –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.5

Currently, Schalke 04 is still standing in the penultimate position on the standings with a meager 7 points. In the last 5 matches to play as the home team, Schalke 04 only won 1 victory and had to receive 4 defeats. The average score is 0.6 points/match.

Meanwhile, through 15 rounds played in the German National Championship, FC Koln won exactly 11 points. This makes the team fall to 16th place in the standings. FC Koln hit 1.6 points/match after the last 5 rounds must play away from home. Specifically, the team owns 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss.

Therefore, our expert believes that Over will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction:  Over

Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction

Final Scores: Schalke 04 vs FC Koln Prediction 

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • Schalke 04 1 – 0 FC Koln (1st Half).
  • Schalke 04 2 – 1 FC Koln (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 2.55 * 3.15 * 2.75
  • Select: Schalke 04 to win (Full Time)

Schalke 04’s performance in the last 5 matches has been rather dramatic. The team nicknamed “Die Königsblauen”, despite owning 2 wins has also lost 3 matches. On the side of FC Koln, the guests are sinking deeper and deeper in crisis. The team had to receive 3 defeats after the last 5 matches, the rest were 1 draw and only won 1 victory. 

The European bookie CMD368 set the odds for the next match to be 2.55 * 3.15 * 2.75. These ratios in turn correspond to the odds of home team Schalke 04. Looking at the performance of the two teams, it is not surprising that this pair is considered by experts to be a match.