Saudi Arabia Prince will turn Newcastle into a new Man City?

“Forget Man City bosses, Newcastle newcomers on a different level,” said English football expert Jim White.

With a huge fortune and a habit of “playing”,  Saudi Arabia Prince, Mohammed bin Salman is expected to turn Newcastle into a new force of English football.

From many times to buy MU to the political scandal, the second most powerful figure in  Saudi Arabia Prince  (after King Salman) is on his way to the field of football.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has power and takes over wealth far beyond Man City or PSG owners.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has power and takes over wealth far beyond Man City or PSG owners.

How rich is the Saudi prince?

34-year-old Mohammed bin Salman is the eldest of the King Salman’s six sons. Crown Prince Mohammed is seen as the ruler of the future of  Saudi Arabia Prince while taking power in this country.

Former US President Barack Obama once rated Mohammed as “extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and wise before his age”. President Trump considers him the most important figure in America’s vision of the Middle East.

Mohammed will inherit the entire Saudi royal estate, with an estimated value of about $ 1.4 trillion (statistics from Business Insider in March 2020). Meanwhile, Al Nahyan family in the UAE of Prince Sheikh Mansour (Man City owner) has a fortune of about 830 billion USD (according to Forbes).

In terms of personal property, Mohammed is estimated to have about $ 8.8 billion, while Sheikh Mansour has $ 20.7 billion. The Glazer house, owner MU, has a total assets of about 4.7 billion USD. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has $ 12.9 billion (according to statistics from Forbes in 2019).

However, in terms of the level of money to satisfy personal pleasures, Man City‘s bosses are far from being comparable to Mohammed. Business Insider rated Prince Mohammed as one of the princes with an unprecedented luxury of fun.

He spent $ 500 million to buy a yacht, $ 300 million for a castle in France or bought a picture of the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci cost $ 450 million.

In his book MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed bin Salman, author Ben Hubbard recounts Mohammed’s process of acquiring power, as well as his habit of spending money.

In a crowded resort in the Maldives in 2015, Mohammed rented the whole area, where rooms could cost up to $ 30,000 a night, to host a series of grand parties. Numerous stars like Psy, Pitbull and Shakira are said to have performed in these parties.

“Forget Man City bosses, Newcastle newcomers on a different level,” talkSPORT expert Jim White said of Mohammed.

Can Newcastle match Man City and PSG in the future?
Can Newcastle match Man City and PSG in the future?

Where will Newcastle be invested?

The acquisition of Newcastle for $ 375 million can be seen as the first time Crown Prince Mohammed stepped into the football field. In the past, he repeatedly offered to buy MU but failed for many reasons.

Mediated by businesswoman Amanda Staveley and Reuben Brothers, Mohammed will control 80% of Newcastle’s shares and is expected to invest heavily in “Shots” by British media.

Sources close to the new owner have revealed Newcastle will receive significant investments in infrastructure, especially player purchases.

Saudi Arabia Prince wants to compete with the emerging soccer empire of other major regional players such as Qatar (owner of PSG), or neighboring UAE (who owns Man City and football group City Football. Group).

Forbes said that with the power at the peak,  Saudi Arabia Prince, Mohammed has the resources to invest heavily in Newcastle, even surpassing what the bosses of Man City and PSG have done.

However, the issue of the UEFA Financial Fair Law (FFP) will be a big challenge for Newcastle.

The advantage of Newcastle is that they are playing in the Premier League, one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world. “Shots” is also a traditional club, owning the number of loyal fans in the top English category.

For many Newcastle fans, this could be a great opportunity for their team to return to the top position. “I have no doubt Newcastle will be a completely different team under the ownership of the Saudi prince,” journalist Kevin Christie told the Guardian.

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