Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus Prediction | J.League | 07/17

Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus prediction: Both teams are going through difficult rounds when they cannot earn many points. So going into the next match, their common goal is to get 3 points. Which team will get their goals?

Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus Prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on 2021/07/17
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 18th
  • Location: Ekimae Real Estate Stadium



Playing at home Ekimae Stadium is a spiritual fulcrum for Sagan Tosu. However, Nagoya did not show any fear of the opponent.

Sagan Tosu’s form in the last 5 matches: D W L D W

Sagan Tosu has played a total of 20 matches this season. Notably, the number of defeats that Sagan Tosu had to receive was only 4. That result corresponds to a loss rate of 20%. However, with the remaining 16 matches, Sagan Tosu drew 7 times. Therefore, the number of victories they have is 9. With those results, the home team of Ekimae Stadium is currently 6th with 34 points.

If counting the last 5 matches that Sagan Tosu has played, this team has a relatively stable level. 2 is the number of wins Sagan Tosu has earned. In addition, they also have 2 matches that ended in a draw. The only loss of coach Kim Myong-hwi’s team was a 0-2 defeat when facing Yokohama F. Marinos. Recently, Sagan Tosu defeated Avispa 1-0.

Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus Prediction

Nagoya Grampus’ form in the last 5 matches: W W W W D

Like the opponent, Nagoya has also played a total of 20 matches this season. The number of victories that Nagoya has is 11, 2 matches more than Sagan Tosu. Besides, Nagoya has 4 more draws to own a total of 47 points. Currently, the home team of Toyota Stadium is ranked 4th on the rankings. Their goal at the moment is to break into the top 3 of the tournament.

The stability of Nagoya is also being shown very clearly in recent times. In the last 5 matches played, Nagoya did not lose. Instead, this team earned 4 wins and 1 draw. Expanding to the previous matches, coach Massimo Ficcadenti’s army is still unbeaten in 8 consecutive matches. Recently they drew Pohang 1-1. With the same ball, Nagoya drew the deal.

Select: Sagan Tosu FT.


From 2012 onwards there have been 18 encounters between Sagan Tosu and Nagoya. In which, the number of wins that Sagan Tosu owns is 6. In contrast, Nagoya is only 1 win more than Sagan Tosu. In addition, the two teams have 5 matches that are evenly matched.

Until the last 5 matches, Sagan Tosu still had a worse performance than the opponent. Specifically, the last time they met, they won 2-1 in the end. Meanwhile, Nagoya won 2 matches and drew the remaining 2 times.

Select: Draw FT.


Sagan Tosu is having pretty good results after 20 matches this season. Specifically, their attack played effectively with 24 goals. Thus, the corresponding scoring efficiency is 1.2 goals/match. In addition, the defense also proved to be quite solid when only conceding 11 goals. On average, they lose 0.55 goals per game.

Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus Prediction

Over 20 matches, the Nagoya players also brought good results for the team. The number of goals they have is 22, equivalent to 1.1 goals/game. Besides, the defense also plays well in their position. On average, they only conceded 0.65 goals per game.

With Over/Under 2, Sagan Tosu’s last 5 matches have won Under 3 times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On the side of Nagoya, Under won 0 times in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Under 2 FT.

Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus Prediction: Sagan Tosu 0-0 Nagoya FT (0-0 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 18th match of J.League  between Sagan Tosu vs Nagoya Grampus on 2021/07/17 of the CMD368 bookie.