Ryan Giggs Is Sir Alex’s ‘Immortal Witch’

Under Sir Alex’s reign, Ryan Giggs showed talent, great intelligence and influence on the pitch to create a resounding success for Man United.

In chapter 14 of Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography “My Autobiography”. The autobiography of the time Ryan Giggs began to impress in the colors of Man United shirt and became the most successful player of “Generation 1992” made history but always denied fame.

The stories are arranged in detail and also indirectly explain the secret to help Ryan Giggs to persistently play for 24 years with a total of 963 matches for Man United.

The phenomenon, speed and endurance

Giggs is the most famous player in “Generation 1992”. He has the qualities to deserve to be called a prodigy. When I gave him the opportunity to debut at the age of 17, Man United had an unexpected problem: the Giggs phenomenon.

An Italian representative called me when Ryan Giggs was a boy: “What do your children do?” I answered, “Mark is a college student, Jason will be in television and Darren is studying here.” He continued: “Sell Giggs to me and I can make your children rich.” Of course, I refused.

Ryan Giggs's speed, balance and professional training have set the level.
Ryan Giggs’s speed, balance and professional training have set the level.

Ryan Giggs‘s mind was stuck when compared to George Best and it was hard to get out of it. Everyone wants pieces of news about him. But Ryan Giggs is a very smart person. “Meet the coach” is a sentence he says to anyone who wants to interview or collaborate. Giggs did not want to answer the interview and found a way to push the decision to refuse for me. He is very smart.

I remember once Bryan Robson approached Giggs to introduce Harry Swales as his representative. Giggs reported it to me first. Bryan is about to end his career and insists Harry will be a great fit for Giggs. Bryan was right, Harry was wonderful. Harry Swales was an 81-year-old man who was engaged to a lost Swiss woman he met on the platform. He was a veteran with a beard of zinc. He takes good care of Giggs. Ryan Giggs also has a very strong mother, and his grandparents are very, very good people.

In order to have a career spanning two decades, Ryan Giggs had to follow a very detailed training regime. Yoga and daily routine are the keys to his long career. Giggs worshiped yoga. After practicing, an expert will come to guide him to the exercises twice a week. That has become very important for Giggs.

Hamstring problems with Ryan Giggs. Every time he has a hamstring injury, we don’t know for sure when he can come back. We will leave Giggs out for a few games so we can be ready to play other matches. In the late stages of his career, it was only age that made us have to let Giggs rest. However, he is still able to play about 35 games each season thanks to his excellent physical background.

When Giggs’s pace dropped, we ranked him playing more in the middle of the pitch. We don’t expect Ryan Giggs to shine, surpassing defenders the way he did when he was young. Not many people realize that even in this new role, Giggs still maintains the ability to change the speed, which is sometimes more important than the speed of the competition. So does Giggs’s ability to keep balance, not to be affected.

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Alex Ferguson sees Ryan Giggs as a treasure and always protects him from public opinion.
Alex Ferguson sees Ryan Giggs as a treasure and always protects him from public opinion.

In the Fall of 2010, Ryan Giggs was taken down in the box by defender Jonathan Spector of West Ham and I took that opportunity to ask the question: How many penalties did Ryan Giggs bring to United? The answer is only 5. Because he always stands on his feet. Giggs just stumbled but never fell down.

I once asked Ryan Giggs why he didn’t fall down after making a serious mistake in the penalty area, which he has the right to do. Giggs looked at me as if my horns were on my head. He kept that blank look and replied, “I will not fall down.”

Ryan Giggs is a calm, very calm guy in adversity. Curiously, Giggs was never a “super reserve” until the last years of his career. Giggs always plays better when he starts out. However, he played an important role when he came on as a substitute in the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow. And in the Wigan victory to win the League Cup, Giggs also came on from the bench and scored the second goal for Man United. Giggs erases our doubts about our influence on the team. Giggs is a valuable asset when sitting on the bench.

Quiet and turned away from fame

Giggs’s intelligence helps him sacrifice other things outside of society. Ryan Giggs is a self-contained but admired type of person. He is a famous king. Giggs and Paul Ince once wore these silly suits, but then it passed quickly. But Giggs still has a suit that made me say, “What the hell?”.

Incey admires glamorous dresses. He and Ryan Giggs are an inseparable duo. However, Giggs has an extremely professional lifestyle. At the club, everyone respected and followed Giggs.

Ryan Giggs turned away from fame and built a name. He lacks the temperament to do that. Giggs is introverted. To maintain a celebrity’s life, you need to have great power to travel around the world and bring the front of the camera lens. It also requires a very frivolous nature and the belief that this is what is for you. Actors always know they really want to stand on stage or appear in movies. I have never been fascinated by that to become famous.

My hope is that the players who grew up with us will carry everything they learn at Carrington and maintain the club’s continuity, like the Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge styles at Bayern Munich. They know how the club is run and what criteria the players need to play for the team.

Ryan Giggs will always be remembered as a symbol of loyalty at United.
Ryan Giggs will always be remembered as a symbol of loyalty at United.

It is not yet confirmed whether or not it will turn them into a coach, because it depends on how they develop their coaching ability. But both Giggs and Scholes are smart. They understand the spirit of United and are also great players. Therefore, they have all the right factors to become a Manchester United coach.

Ryan Giggs can be a great coach because he’s smart, respected by the players. Giggs’ silence is not a barrier. There are many coaches who talk a little. However, you must have a strong personality. To work at a club like Man United, your personality must be stronger than the players to control the whole situation.

You will have big players, rich players, world-famous stars and you have to be stronger than them, control them. At United, there is only one boss and that person is the coach. Giggs will need to cultivate that personality. But I’ve had to do since I was 32.

At school, we will be asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I answered, “Being a soccer player.” Meanwhile “firefighter” is the more common answer. Responding to “being a football player” implies no desire to be known around the world, this is merely a profession to make a living by competing. Ryan Giggs is that kind of person.

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