RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld Prediction | DFB Pokal | 09/14

RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld prediction about the match between RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld in the first round of DFB Pokal – German National Cup, which took place at 4:30 pm on September 14, 2020.

RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld Prediction


  • Match date: 4:30 pm on Monday 14th September 2020
  • Event: DFB Pokal
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Stadion Essen



  • 08/29/2020 – RW Essen 1 – 0 Emmen (H1: 0 – 0 )
  • 08/29/2020 – TVD Velbert 0 – 2 RW Essen (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 08/01/2020 – TSV Steinbach 1 – 2 RW Essen (H1: 0 – 1)


  • 09/02/2020 – Arminia Bielefeld 3 – 2 Arminia Bielefeld (H1: 1 – 1)
  • 08/29/2020 – Arminia Bielefeld 0 – 2 VfB Stuttgart (H1: 0 – 2)
  • 08/25/2020 – Arminia Bielefeld 0 – 0 Feyenoord (H1: 0 – 0)


  • 01/20/2018 – RW Essen 2 – 0 Arminia Bielefeld (H1: 1 – 0 )
  • 08/20/2016 – RW Essen 2 – 2 Arminia Bielefeld (H1: 0 – 1)
  • 01/19/2013 – Arminia Bielefeld 3 – 1 RW Essen (H1: 1 – 1)



  • RW Essen had a bad start day when SC Wiedenbruck drew 1-1 at home in the 4th division arena. However, it was also a draw that helped them prolong their unbeaten series to 9 on all fronts, previously won 4 friendly matches before the season, won 3, drew 1 in the last 4 rounds of last season. 
  • In the most recent friendly match, the team from the city of Essen defeated a team from the Dutch first division, Emmen, before a 2-0 victory over a German 5th class team, TVD Velbert. Thus, we can see that RW Essen’s ability is very weak in both capacity and class.


  • Arminia Bielefeld is the team that last season they had great success when crowning the championship in the German second division, which meant they were promoted to play in the Bundesliga this season. In addition, the way they became king is also very convincing when the whole season lost only 2 matches and the distance with the runner-up was up to 10 points. 
  • Also in the last season, the home team Schuco Arena is the team that owns the most impressive away record with 34 points after 9 wins, 7 draws and only 1 loss. The recent series of friendly matches are also showing many weaknesses of Arminia Bielefeld, especially in the defeat against Stuttgart.

The difference in the level of these two teams is too great when RW Essen is a team playing in the 4th division, the tournament can be considered a semi-career. Meanwhile, Arminia Bielefeld has just had a successful season and this season is playing in the highest tournament in the country. Therefore, even if the team from the city of Essen is in high form, the failure of them against this opponent is unavoidable. 

Therefore, the RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld prediction believes that with the superior level, this year’s rookie Bundesliga will not take too much strength to destroy this opponent with a strong score.

RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld prediction: RW Essen 0 – 3 Arminia Bielefeld (H1: 0 – 2)

RW Essen vs Arminia Bielefeld Prediction


  • RW Essen: Daniel Davari, Daniel Heber, Alexander Hahn, Sandro Plechaty, Kevin Grund, Joshua Endres, Felix Backszat, Amara Condé, Oguzhan Kefkir, Marco Kehl-Gómez, Simon Engelmann
  • Arminia Bielefeld: Stefan Ortega Moreno, Amos Pieper, Anderson Lucoqui, Cédric Brunner, Brian Behrendt, Nils Seufert, Marcel Hartel, Manuel Prietl, Andreas Voglsammer, Jonathan Clauss, Fabian Klos