Ruud Gullit & His Paradoxical Journey Into E-sports

The E-sports world is seeing more and more players enter the game professionally. Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit is also not out of this trend. However, the way Gullit plays around on the E-sports playground has his own substance.

Ruud Gullit & His Paradoxical Journey Into E-sports

Gullit’s Gamer Training Academy

The current professional football village has many talented people with E-sports. Gerard Pique (Barcelona) owns a company specializing in organizing events related to E-sports. Andre Gomes (Everton) poured money into Europe’s most famous E-sports team: G2. Most recently, Mesut Oezil (Arsenal) formed the M10 E-sports team and constantly recruited forever.

Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit also owns an E-sports team. However, completely different from Ozil, Gullit is running his E-sports team like developing a football club. Gullit has plenty of finance to pay the top gamers in the world. But instead of recruiting “terrible” players, the former Chelsea player has set up a gaming training institute called Team Gullit, to train young gamers into great talents in the future.

In an interview on the E-sports Insiser Super Forum, Ruud Gullit recounted his predestined relationship that led him to the E-sports playground: “Since I was playing at Chelsea, I have known E-sports. At that time, I was invited to London Studios to attend an E-sports final. At that time, this playground did not have flat screens, but just rough, convex televisions. ”

“It was the first time I heard about football games being brought out to play. I then broadened my horizons when I saw the kids at home playing FIFA games. Once again I was invited to Cologne. I accept but confess that I do not understand the size of this tournament, the legend of this playground belongs to what size. I thought I was going to meet all the teenagers but there was a lot of grownups there and they played games too”, Ruud Gullit said.

After gaining the first knowledge of E-sports, eventually, the Dutch football legend officially entered the game after meeting with a character nicknamed Triple. Triple owns a software development company and Triple himself suggested to Gullit to form an E-sports team.

Football will have a new direction thanks to E-sports

Explaining the establishment of a training academy for gamers, Ruud Gullit said he believes that anyone can develop if given the opportunity. Many gamers are famous for being chosen by big teams, but many talented players but not having a good relationship are still hiding somewhere.

The three best players are trained by the Ruud Gullit academy itself
The three best players are trained by the Ruud Gullit academy itself

“There was a time when my institute had 3,200 people who wanted to register. Now we are down to just 30 gamers. Those 30 students will compete against each other to choose the best three”, Ruud Gullit continued. According to the former player, his academy has completely different from other E-sports teams. It is Gullit’s connection with the students’ parents. Discussions, assurances will make parents more confident instead of thinking that their son is taking part in some worthless class.

In addition, in Gullit’s opinion, Premier League teams should soon establish E-sports teams to keep up the trend and expand the support force. “In the Netherlands, any club has an E-sports team. These E-sports teams compete with each other and the live audience is even bigger than the Dutch second division. This is unbelievable and it shows the influence of E-sports on the current football industry. ”

The fact that gamers play under the names of Premier League teams is a very smart move. It legitimized E-sports in the eyes of the previous generation and opened up new monetization opportunities for many teams.

Starting the ePremier League tournament against the pandemic

Yesterday (21/4), FIFA 20 game tournament called ePremier League was started with the gathering of a series of stars such as

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace), Raheem Sterling (Man City), John McGinn (Aston Villa), Diogo Jota (Wolves), Lys Mousset (Sheffield United). The final on April 25 will be broadcast on Sky Sports. All proceeds from this special tournament will be used to support the effort against the pandemic in the UK.

Cesar Azpilicueta forms an E-sports team

Defender Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea) has recently established an electronic sports team called Falcon. The goal that Falcon aims to compete in the FIFA 20 game. “This will be the first step for the Falcon team’s players to show their bravery and ability,” Azpilicueta shared. Still, according to Azpilicueta, he received a lot of support from two major brands, Adidas sportswear and electronics business Elgato, in the process of setting up the E-sports team.

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