Russia vs Slovenia Prediction | World Cup Qualif. UEFA | 03/27

Russia vs Slovenia prediction – In the framework of the World Cup qualifiers, Slovenia will have a trip to the Russian players’ field this weekend. A match is considered an opportunity for the visitors to find the necessary scores to improve their current position on the standings when the opponent is a team that is showing poor performance in the last time.

Russia vs Slovenia Prediction


  • Match date: 2:00 pm on 03/27/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd


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Russia vs Slovenia Prediction



Group H is considered the easiest to breathe in Europe without the presence of top names. Russia only has to welcome Slovenia in the first match at home Luzhniki. This is considered an opportunity for “Russian Bear” to bring the first 3 points against the opponent completely.

Russia has continuously reaped success in recent tournaments, they won the tickets to Euro 2021 convincingly and ranked second in the Nations League group B. After successfully reaching the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, Russia increasingly asserted its position. 16 official matches scored 42 goals, conceding only 20 times, bringing in 10 wins. Including 4 wins at home in the Euro qualifiers. Strikers with more than 2 goals per game performance are in a very stable form. The brave gameplay shows that they are a good candidate for the top 2 positions of Group H. In the opening match of the campaign, Russia will aim to win but not so without a lack of caution.

Only 8 goals in 6 matches in League C showed the weakness of the Slovenian attack. That is also the main reason that made them fail in the Euro qualifying campaign due to the lack of difference. However, this is an extremely annoying team thanks to the disciplined defense and counter-attacking philosophy. The last 7/11 matches do not have more than 1 goal, 8 of which keep a clean sheet, the downline always brings peace of mind. The nearest trip to Slovenia held a 0-0 draw to Greece. Difficulties have been predicted, but Slovenia is not an easy opponent to subdue.

Russia’s overwhelming posture has been predicted when the difference between the two teams is not small. However, with the nature of the opening match and the practicality of the two-team play, it is difficult to bring a match with many goals.

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Russia is obviously more appreciated with the achievement to the quarter-finals of the WC 2018. Not only that, Slovenia will even be absent in the upcoming Euro period. This is considered a great opportunity for Russia to rise in the race to win the top spot.

The host’s recent performance is also very reliable. The last 16 matches won 10 matches, including 5 home wins. The other side of Slovenia cannot do much outside the Nations League arena. Worth mentioning are 3 failures after 4 trips in the Euro qualifier. Class and style are both dominant, 3 points are the goal within reach of the home team Luzhniki.

Russia vs Slovenia prediction: Russia -0.75 FT

Russia vs Slovenia Prediction


Defenders are well organized, Slovenia often joins slowly and steadily. In the context of having to meet a very strong opponent, this match is difficult to avoid a similar scenario. The Russian side’s caution is not redundant when faced with unpleasant gameplay. The defenders on both sides are reliable, the first half is likely to have not scored.

Select: Under 1 H1.


The European handicap shows that the house underestimates the possibility that Slovenia has points. The unstable performance and having to play away from home made the difference in the class difficult to level with the opponent. Victory for Russia is a worthy option for investment.

Select: Russia FT


It is to be expected that a Russia-controlled game. However, with what the two teams have recently shown, the score is hard to have more than 2 goals. Extremely tight in the first half and ending the opponent in the second half is the scenario Russia is aiming for.

Russia vs Slovenia prediction:  Russia 2 – 0 Slovenia FT (Russia 0 – 0 Slovenia H1)


Russia: Shunin, Belyaev, Petrov, Dzhikiya, Kuzyaev, Kudryashov, Ozdoev, Miranchuk, Bakaev, Ionov, Dzyuba.

Slovenia: Oblak, Struna, Balkovec, Mevlja, Krhin, Stojanovic, Kurtic, Verbic, Ilicic, Bezjak, Sporar.

The above is information about the prediction of Russia vs Slovenia in the match of the 2nd round of World Cup Qualif. UEFA on 03/27/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.