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  • Rugby League

    Rugby League conquered new Asian lands

    Description: Rugby League World Championship, Rugby World Cup 2019 officially opened in Japan on Friday 20/09. 20 national teams will compete together until November 2 to choose the champion of the Rugby League. This is the first time the tournament has been held in an Asian country, in addition to the “mecca” of rugby: Europe, …

  • Rugby World Cup

    Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

    Rugby sport can be called wrestling – because the holder must find a way to wriggle and pass the ball to his teammates, or kick away, otherwise if he keeps the ball too long will be knocked down by an opponent’s player to steal the ball.  Rugby football has the same shape as American football.  …

  • Rugby Union

    Rugby – Where does Rugby Union come from?

    Rugby is a  team sport with two-team that competes with an oval on the grass played in English schools during the 19th century. Rugby league including 2 types, which are Rugby League and Rugby Union. Rules In Rugby Union Rules In Rugby Union, each team will have 15 people, the ball weighs 382 – 425 …

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