Rooney rated Park Ji-Sung have the important as Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney has thought that Park Ji-Sung’s role is as important as that of Cristiano Ronaldo when they were at Manchester United.

Park Ji-Sung has contributed to Manchester United – Rooney

Wayne Rooney is both a player and a coach at Derby County and recently the former Manchester United striker also began writing a weekly newspaper for The Times on Sunday. In the first article, he caused a lot of controversies and frowned.

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Park Ji-Sung and Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester United shirt
Park Ji-Sung and Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester United shirt

The most notable topic is that Rooney compared Park Ji-Sung’s contributions to Cristiano Ronaldo when they were playing at Manchester United. Park is 39 years old and retired in 2014, the Korean player joined Manchester United from 2005 to 2012 and won 4 Premier League titles, 3 League Cups, and the Champions League and Club World Cup.

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Park Ji-Sung và Rooney
Park Ji-Sung và Rooney

For Rooney, Park Ji-Sung’s contribution to Manchester United is equally important when compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has continued to reach new heights in his career when he moved to Real Madrid. Rooney also believes that Park Ji – Sung’s merits are being unfairly forgotten.

“When they mention the name Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo to a 12-year-old kid, they probably know, but few kids know Park Ji-Sung. But we all understand the importance of Park Ji-Sung, the way he contributes to the team. In football, We think the group is better important, it is always more valuable than the stars in the collective sport” Rooney wrote. 

“Players like me, Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo get noticed but Park, Darren Fletcher is also extremely valuable because we see what they offer in the dressing room, on the training ground, and at every game. They are willing to sacrifice their interests, so their level is obscured.”

Rooney used the example from the match against AC Milan in the 1/8 Champions League round in 2010 to talk about Park’s ability. “I remember that before Fergie said this to Park: ‘Your job today is not to touch the ball, not to pass the ball, but to Pirlo, and only Pirlo’. I think that game Pirlo passed the ball less than 40 times and almost all the passes because Park obeyed the order so well” Rooney said.

Paul Pogba must improve more to be better

Rooney also said that Paul Pogba needs to learn Frank Lampard to become a better player for Manchester United. “I want to see Paul play backward and only attack the opponent’s penalty area when the ball is brought out to the edge, thus scoring more goals. He has very good leg strength and an ideal body, it will be a nightmare for any team to deal with Pogba that in the past Frank did not have the strength of Paul as a body” Rooney commented. 

Rooney thinks that Pogba should learn Lampard's play
Rooney thinks that Pogba should learn Lampard’s play

Continuing to talk about the past, Rooney said that dismissing Louis Van Gaal in 2016 was a mistake of Manchester United. “I am very disappointed when Louis was fired because it was an honor to work with him. The players have also begun to grasp the mindset of Louis, only the injury will make the team decline, and unfortunately when we lose up to 12 people.

Back to the present, “Shrek guy” said although he wants football to continue but do not think this is a good time. “We may be wanting to go back too soon, and unless the government gives the green light to everything, we should all continue to wait. I and the Derby players have not received any inquiries from the Professional Football Association, and I am afraid that there will be many players who feel uncomfortable” Rooney wrote.

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