Ronaldo, Messi Lead The Best Free-Kick Team In History

Based on the number of goals scored from the free-kick, here is the best free-kick squad in the history of world football at the peak of its form.

Ronaldo, Messi Lead The Best Free-Kick Team In History

The opponents will be very headache once they make a mistake with the names in this team.

Goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni (59 goals in his career)

Former Sao Paulo’s goalkeeper is a rarity in football history. Ceni possesses impressive scoring ability. The Brazilian legend has scored a total of 131 goals, including 59 kicks from the penalty spot.

Defender Ronald Koeman (60 goals)

Barcelona’s free-kick record was held by Ronald Koeman (26), before being crushed by Lionel Messi in 2017.

Ronaldo, Messi Lead The Best Free-Kick Team In History

Defender Sinisa Mihajlovic (50 goals)

The Serbian legend is remembered for a hat-trick from the penalty spot against Sampdoria when he wore Lazio in 1998. Along with Andrea Pirlo, Mihajlovic is the record holder for the number of times Free kick into the Serie A goal with 28 times to hit the net.

Defender Roberto Carlos (26 goals)

Carlos is considered one of the best left-backs in football history with the ability to score goals from many distances and angles. The Brazilian legend is remembered for many super products, including a banana kick that hit the French team in the quarter-finals in 1997.

Ronaldo, Messi Lead The Best Free-Kick Team In History

Midfielder David Beckham (65 goals)

In addition to his handsome appearance, Beckham also made fans ecstatic with the free kicks listed in the super product that he made throughout his career.

Midfielder Juninho (77 goals)

Juninho is widely called the “King of free-kick“. Not only scored a goal, the Brazilian legend also scored twice from the penalty kick into the opponent’s net in just one match, including the “victims” such as Auxerre, Toulouse, Nice. The Brazilian free-kick legend is considered a rare master of the knuckleball kick technique with an unpredictable trajectory.

Midfielder Zico (62 goals)

The legend born in 1953 is known as the attacking midfielder with the perfect skillset from dribbling, passing to the finish. Not stopping there, Zico is famous for its famous free-kick technique called “falling yellow leaves”.

Midfielder Ronaldinho (66 goals)

With his magical feet and smiling face, Ronaldinho became the inspiration for playing football for many players of the next generation. The match against Real Betis in the 11th round of La Liga 2007/08, He made his fans to “take off their hat” with a double from the free-kick to help Barca win 3-0.

Striker Lionel Messi (52 goals)

In the early stages of his career, Messi’s free-kick skill did not stand out. However, the Argentine striker has made significant changes in the last 7 seasons. At the moment, the opponent has not been able to find a way to neutralize the “El Pulga” free kick, aside from backing the entire team into the restricted area and sealing the goalkeeper.

Striker Pele (70 goals)

The legend was dubbed the “King of Football” scoring 650 goals in official matches and 70 of which came from the free-kick.

Ronaldo, Messi Lead The Best Free-Kick Team In History

Striker Cristiano Ronaldo (54 goals)

Ronaldo’s knuckleball free-kick style has caused many defenses. However, CR7 is no longer celebrating goals from the free-kick recently. The last time the Portuguese superstar scored a free-kick was on June 6, 2019, in the 3-1 victory over Switzerland in the Nations League 2018/19 semi-final.
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