Ronaldo is responsible for keeping the top position in Serie A

Serie A may return on June 13 after the country controls the Covid-19 epidemic. C. Ronaldo is tasked with protecting the top spot in the direction of the Serie A.

Series A clubs can practice and return

The Serie A tournament will most likely return on 13/13 after the postponement period due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Meanwhile, the players can practice usually and have interacted with each other early next week. This decision is made after the medical agreement between the parties is approved. Specifically, the Italian Ministry of Health confirmed that if one player is positive for the corona virus on the day of training, the entire team will be isolated for 15 days.

C. Ronaldo and his teammates at Juventus can play again on June 13
C. Ronaldo and his teammates at Juventus can play again on June 13

Yesterday clubs in Serie A chose the event date to be June 13, even as some clubs chose June 20. The Gazzetta newspaper said Serie A organizers were still waiting for the Italian government’s approval of when the tournament would continue. 

Serie A this season nonetheless has 12 rounds to play. It is probably that the Serie A organizing committee will arrange greater matches in the middle of the week to be able to finish the season in mid-July 2020 and to let clubs like Juventus and Napoli arrange the Champions League kicking schedule.

Serie A was postponed 2 months after the outbreak of Covid-19. Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora stated that since May 18, clubs can allow players to return to normal training at their training center, but still under strict medical regulations.

Serie A has been postponed considering the fact that March 9 this year. Juventus are leading the ratings after 26 rounds, 1 point more than the second Lazio Roma.

It is known that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) will submit an application to UEFA asking permission to put off the stop of the home tournament from August three to August 14 so that Serie A clubs can whole the season.

Lazio (blue) is racing to win the Serie A championship with Juventus
Lazio (blue) is racing to win the Serie A championship with Juventus

Other national championships are also scheduled

The Bundesliga is the first tournament in Europe to return to play after a time delay from Covid-19, in the case of a player positive for the disease, teammates and coaching staff will only have to turn. testing, not isolation. 

Earlier, a doctor from the Italian Football Federation warned: “If we cannot find a solution, Serie A will not be allowed to return.” The solution here could be vaccines or medical procedures to ensure the health of the players during the competition. However, this is said to be still quite remote at the moment. 

The Bundesliga players will study the Brazilian Championship, wearing a mask to play.
Ronaldo is responsible for keeping the top position in Serie A

The top two tournaments of the Czech Republic will return on May 23 after a period of delay by Covid-19, scheduled to end on July 18. Thus, after the Bundesliga, the Czech league might be the second event in Europe once more after being delayed by the disease.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese league will go back on June 4. In the end, the Austrian league become allowed to go back and needed to play on an empty field.

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