Ronaldo has not yet returned to Juventus!

The Portuguese superstar, Ronaldo has not returned to join forces with Juventus to prepare for the rest of the Serie A  2020 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet landed in Turin on the morning of 4/5 local time.

 However, according to AS confirmation, this flight has only a few members of the Portuguese superstar’s team.

CR7 private jet stops at Funchal (Madeira, Portugal) to pick up 3 employees, arrange personal belongings before coming to Italy. The striker, born in 1985, is determined not to board a plane and will return to the country in the shape of a boot this week.

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Ronaldo is still in Madeira despite receiving orders from April 28.
Ronaldo is still in Madeira despite receiving orders from April 28.

On April 28, Juventus sent players back to Turin to prepare for the rest of the season. The stars of the Serie A champions will have to isolate themselves before returning to the training ground.

Ronaldo’s return to the army with his teammates was delayed because his plane in Madrid could not take off a few days ago because of the Spanish government’s travel restrictions. Cuadrado, Ramsey and Bernardeschi were all present at the J Medical center.

Juventus is one of the Serie A clubs suffering from the Covid-19 epidemic. Three stars of the first team, Daniele Rugani, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala, were found infected. While the condition of Rugani, Matuidi is stable, Dybala still has difficulty with just having a positive result for the 4th time with the corona virus.

The teams in the Italian league have voted to continue the 2019/20 season. 20 clubs are allowed to organize training for players from 4/5. However, the timeline for Serie A return has not been determined. Juventus is the leading club but faces fierce competition from Lazio and Inter.

Ronaldo climbed a mountain with his girlfriend despite the orders from the Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to return to Italy on April 28, but is still secluding himself from his family in Madeira.

After spending days in a luxurious mansion, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend relocated themselves to a mountain in Madeira. The famous couple still maintains the daily workout routine to keep the dream body.

Ronaldo has not yet returned to Juventus

In addition to training, the Portuguese superstar also actively participates in propaganda activities, calling on people to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease. Not long ago, Ronaldo launched the abdominal movement which was enthusiastically responded by fans and colleagues.

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The Juventus club has had a military schedule since April 28. However, according to Corriere dello Sport, until April 30, CR7 is still not available in Turin. In the latest vote, the Serie A clubs have agreed to not cancel the 2019/20 season but will continue to play the rest when the epidemic is controlled. Currently, Juventus leads Serie A but the gap with Lazio and Inter is very fragile.

At the present, many other clubs also continue to train players to return to training, waiting for the Serie A restart. Napoli has announced that players will return to practice on the next 4-5 days but there is no specific notice of the training process as Sassuolo. The two clubs in Rome, Lazio and AS Roma, will return to training on May 6 after the local authorities gave the green light. Roma players will undergo a medical examination before entering individual training and adhere to the social spacing rules at Trigoria training center. Serie A clubs are eager to return to play because canceling a tournament like Ligue 1 (France) could lead to serious financial difficulties for 40% of the teams in this tournament. Canceling the tournament could cost Italian football € 440 million in television rights, not counting ticket sales and other commercial contracts.
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