Ronaldo donated money against the global pandemic

Cristiano Ronaldo and his representative Jorge Mendes sponsored three special anti-epidemic units worth one million USD in their homeland. At the same time, Pele also stated Ronaldo is “the best” at the moment. 

Ronaldo’s donations 

The donations of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes were collected for two institutes in Lisbon, Santa Maria and Pulido Valente, and the same institute in Porto – Santo Antonio.

The first 20 beds in his sponsorship package were located in Lisbon, where the talent was discovered and gave him the first professional playing opportunity. The remaining 15 beds are for Porto.

Ronaldo donated money against the global pandemic
Ronaldo sunbathing at his home in Madeira, Portugal. He is quarantining himself during the time of Covid-19.

“We have contacted Mendes. He and Ronaldo are committed to supporting two special care units serving Covid-19 patients. Funded devices include fans, monitors, infusion pumps, follow-up machines monitor heart rate, bed, “says Santa Maria Institute Board President Daniel Ferro.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Santo Antonio Institute, Paulo Barbosa thanked Ronaldo and Mendes for their humanitarian heart. “We will have a new unit that will allow the opening of 15 intensive care beds equipped with fans, screens and many other things. The hospital thanks Ronaldo and Mendes for this helpful initiative, especially when the country is in need of supportive hands, “he said.

The new intensive care units were named UCI superstar and UCI Jorge Mendes to honor the two benefactors.

According to Corriere Dello Sport, Portugal’s special anti-Covid-19 units were created from 6 March but were overloaded. The number of special beds in Lisbon and Porto, after being sponsored by Ronaldo, will double to the current figure.

The total amount of money from the star player and his representative spent was more than one million USD. Earlier, Jorge Mendes provided 1,000 masks and 200,000 special robes to Sao Joao Hospital in Porto. He also ordered eight ventilators and distributed throughout Portugal.

By the end of March 24, Portugal had 2,300 nCoV infections and 33 deaths. The government closed all businesses that did not serve essential goods last week. President Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa also isolated himself from the beginning of the month to “set an example” for the people.

Pele: ‘Ronaldo is the best at the moment’

Football legend Pele believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, not Lionel Messi.

“In the current generation of players, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best,” Pele said on the Pilhado Youtube channel. “Ronaldo is the best because he plays the most stable. But he cannot ignore Messi, even though he is not a striker.”

Ronaldo is still rated by Pele more than Messi.
Ronaldo is still rated by Pele more than Messi.

When asked about the best player in history, Pele added: “This is a difficult question. Zico, Ronaldinho or Ronaldo Nazario are all good. Europe also owns Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer. But I think Pele is better than all.” 

This is not the first time Pele has compared Ronaldo to Messi. In June 2016, Pele also confirmed that CR7 is better than Messi. And if he was a coach, he wanted to own the Portuguese superstar in the lineup.

Pele also said he wants to be with Messi more than Ronaldo. In January 2018, the legend with the nickname “Soccer King” said that Messi is more comprehensive than he. “Messi plays football more comprehensively, and he is the great striker,” he said at the time.
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