Ronaldo could lose $ 10 million because of Covid-19

Cristiano Ronaldo is at risk of being cut a third of the  Serie A salary he is receiving from Juventus. besides, according to Paulo Ferreira, Ronaldo can play until 40 years old.

Ronaldo could suffer $ 10 million losses because of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

As Serie A suspended the match from March 10 and could not resume before April, the Italian football management authorities gave the club a green light to reduce club wages to reduce financial losses.

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According to Mundo Deportivo, a group of foreign players, who earn much higher than the average of the native players, are most affected, with a decrease of 20 to 30%. With an after-tax salary of more than $ 30 million a year, Cristiano Ronaldo could suffer $ 10 million if Juventus reduced wages.

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Ronaldo risked being cut a third of his salary.
Ronaldo risked being cut a third of his salary.

Currently the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the Organizing Committee of Serie A and representatives of the players have not found a common voice. However, the economic losses of Serie A and the clubs are very clear. They have reduced revenues from ticket sales, because they have to play in an audience field. In addition, during the break time, the clubs still have to pay players. Therefore, a drastic measure is considered necessary at this time.

According to Italian media, the reduction of wages will increase proportional to the reputation of the team and players. The ones who suffer the most are players playing in Serie A, with a reduction of up to several million dollars per player.

Sky Italy statistics show that seven of the 10 players will receive the most pay cut, if the Serie A clubs simultaneously cut their salary, under the payroll of Juventus. Besides Ronaldo, six people, including Miralem Pjanic, Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot, Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain and Matthijs De Ligt, will cost between two and three million USD.

Former Portugal defender Paulo Ferreira said he was still scary at 35.

“I’ve known Ronaldo for a long time,” Ferreira told Goal. “He is always professional and makes efforts in training and competition. Ronaldo will maintain his current form, until the body no longer obeys him. And I think Cristiano Ronaldo  is capable of playing football for another five years.” .

Ronaldo is expected to attend Euro 2021 and the World Cup 2022.
Ronaldo is expected to attend Euro 2021 and the World Cup 2022.

Ferreira and Ronaldo were teammates in the Portuguese team between 2003-2010. Ferreira kicks right back, and he often left, so they often face in training. Ferreira used to play for Chelsea in the period 2004-2013, and often encountered Ronaldo – former Man Utd player.

“I have seen Ronaldo grow up. I have been with him and have been Ronaldo’s opponent since he was 18 years old. He deserves what he has. At 35, he knows ‘listen’ to his body more. “He trains, eats and rest appropriately. He is still very respectable.”

Ronaldo has scored 25 goals this season, including a series of 11 goals in Serie A, helping Juventus to the top of the table. Because the Euro is postponed to 2021, He will be 36 years old when he together with Portugal defending the championship. If Ferreira’s prediction is correct, CR7 can even attend the 2022 World Cup and Euro 2024.

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