Ronaldo – Alien Stadium King: the Journey to a million-dollar boss

Ronaldo life turned to a whole new chapter with the business. Not as noisy and scandalous as when he was still on the pitch,

Referring to the “Aliens” Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, people often think of the dribbles and magic goals on the pitch. He is the idol of many generations of football fans, but also regrets the trauma and many behind-the-scenes scandals.

The public once thought that Ronaldo‘s life would pass away like many other typical Brazilian players. However, “Ro fatty” makes people surprised when becoming a true entrepreneur in the football industry.

Ronaldo has now become a true entrepreneur in the football world.

The $ 30 million deal

In the fall of 2018, Ronaldo announced his decision to acquire a 51% stake in Real Valladolid, the club currently playing in La Liga. Former Barca striker spent $ 30 million to become the largest shareholder of the team. This is the biggest turning point in the life of “Fatty”, since retirement.

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter believes that “judgments about a rebellious and playful Ronaldo has changed completely” in the present. “He has an intelligent mind,” Hunter said on the OTB show.

In football, not many former players choose to own professional clubs when they retire. Becoming a top team owner means spending a lot of time and effort in an unfamiliar and difficult field of business.

Running a football club has never been so simple, especially for a former player like Ronaldo. How will you make a profit and help a 91-year-old club-like Valladolid move forward? The Spanish team of Castile region was only promoted a few months before the date of Ronaldo’s acquisition. They are one of the weakest teams in La Liga.

In 2016, Forbes estimated Ronaldo‘s net worth at around $ 150 million. Spending such a large sum of money to invest in Valladolid shows the ambition and vision of the former Brazilian striker.

The “Alien Stadium King” is now a successful businessman, far different from many retired Brazilian players.

The transformation of “Alien”

At the time, Ronaldo was 42 years old and the father of four children. Born into a poor family outside Rio de Janeiro, Ronaldo became the main source of income for the whole family when he was 15. It was then that he began to sign a professional contract with Cruzeiro. A year later, he made his debut for the first team.

The rest of the “Aliens” career has become history. The world of football is sorry for Ronaldo when he doesn’t have a perfect career. Many people regret that scandals and injuries ruined his football talent.

However, that is only the surface of Ronaldo. The difficult life when I was young, I trained “The Roar” to keep a sense of financial preservation and management. “I realized I had to manage my money well from a young age to take care of my family,” Ronaldo told the New York Times the day he bought Valladolid. He decided to move completely to Madrid to start a new project.

Some famous Brazilian teammates like Adriano or Ronaldinho have struggled since losing the glory on the field. Adriano was deeply in debt, while Ronaldinho was sometimes unable to pay his debts and was detained by the Paraguayan authorities for using a fake passport.

Others like Rivaldo or even Pele, Romario do not have an outstanding business career like him. In addition to owning Valladolid, Ronaldo also opened a business project called Family Office Concierge R9, to financially manage many professional players, helping them to have a comfortable life after retirement.

In 2011, Forbes called Ronaldo a remarkable figure in the football business market. He buys stakes and participates in many major sports marketing companies around the world. He lived in London for 3 years to learn English and hone business skills. After that, he moved to Madrid and started to become a true boss.

Ronaldo is having initial success with Valladolid.

Challenge and sweet return

It took several weeks for the former 2002 World Cup champion to realize he needed to be careful with his words, as a professional club owner.

From the presidential bench, Ronaldo regretted the situation of missing the opportunity of star Valladolid Keko at the end of a match. The new president found the player after the match and told Keko that next time he needed to calm down, wait for the goalkeeper to move first before finishing.

With him, everything on the football field is always easy. The former Real striker is the idol of many generations of players, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Harry Kane revealed that he had watched many clips about Ronaldo over and over. “Aliens” is the first football idol of the Internet era.

However, as an entrepreneur, he needs to approach everything with a different mind. Valladolid is living in a tournament where Real and Barca consume most of the pie. He needs a long-term plan for his club, and that is certainly not easy.

In the few months since taking over the club, Ronaldo has tripled his team to 15. He plans to further expand the observation and search for raw gems. He hopes Valladolid can profit from the player market worth $ 6 billion annually in the world.

Everything seems to be on the right track. La Liga-ranked Valladolid succeeded in the first season that Ronaldo took ownership. They finished the tournament in 16th place. Until this season, they were still in a good position on the standings. For the first time in club history, Valladolid made a profit of $ 7.3 million on the 2019/20 transfer market.
Ronaldo believes it is all just beginning. He still has a lot of work to do to build his business. “I was always worried and decided to learn everything from the business. I always wanted everything to be better,” Ronaldo said.