Roger Federer was invited to the special prize, receive a negative comment

Since the surgery in February, Roger Federer has not played again, and “Express Train” has just received an invitation to attend the WTA tournament taking place in July.

Roger Federer is ready to start the new season

Roger Federer has not returned since the charity match against Rafael Nadal in South Africa on February 7. The Swiss player claims right knee surgery to completely solve the problem. As expected, Roger Federer will return when the tournament on the pitch starts to start.

Roger Federer is likely to return in July
Roger Federer is likely to return in July

However, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and turned everything upside down. Currently, all ATP or WTA tournaments are postponed to August. Even one of the four Grand Slams, Wimbledon 2020, has been canceled due to fears of an outbreak.

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In a recent conversation, it was the “Express Train” that confirmed he had never returned to training because he had not seen any reason to return to the tournament. “I’m happy with my current condition and I believe the season is a long way from being able to start again. I think it’s important to enjoy the break now. When I come back, I think I will be very motivated and have a goal to look forward to.” Federer share

According to the British Express, the goal Roger Federer expected may have appeared. The WTA Bett1open has sent an offer to the Swiss tennis player. The tournament on the ground in Berlin (Germany) is scheduled to take place in 6 days from 13-15 / 7 and 17-19 / 7 with the participation of 6 male and 6 female tennis players.

Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem, and Nick Kyrgios were male players who agreed to attend, while Julia Goerges, Andrea Petkovic, and Elina Svitolina did the same at the women’s tournament. According to the chief executive of the tournament, Edwin Weindorfer revealed that Roger Federer has yet to respond officially.

Federer caused many fans to express their displeasure

Besides, it seems that during the time when tennis took a break because of the Covid-19 epidemic, Roger Federer was suddenly involved in many bad things to the image that was beautiful in the eyes of his fans. Most recently, a single thanks from Roger Federer to a commentator also caused negative reactions.

Alan Jones is known for being the head coach of Australia’s rugby team, but Jones’s reputation came primarily from being a 2GB radio commentator. As a supposedly conservative person, Jones has caused a lot of controversy with Australian public opinion because of the subtle comments, or even the smell of racism and gender.

However, when Jones announced he was about to retire, Roger Federer sent him a Twitter thank you video. “I want to wish you all the best in the future. Congratulations on a 35-year career, take care”, quoted video content.

Roger Federer was criticized for congratulating commentator Alan Jones
Roger Federer was criticized for congratulating commentator Alan Jones

A series of tennis fans immediately expressed discontent with Roger Federer’s message. “I hope you have read about all the bad things he has said. I am really sad to hear that you have feelings for him”, commented one Twitter user. Another wrote: “He is a black hater and woman. Is there anything about him that Roger Federer cares about? ”.

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Earlier this year Roger Federer was criticized by environmental activist Greta Thunberg because he was funded by Credit Suisse, the Swiss investment bank involved in fossil fuels. Just recently, “FedEx” was also criticized by colleagues who are selfish because they do not want to play tennis on the field without the audience, but this Alan Jones case makes many people really unhappy.