Roger Federer revealed a very strange talent, express desire to hunt miracles like Nadal

Roger Federer has just “revealed” a special ability that made the fans extremely excited. “Express train” also confided about the future ahead with the goal of challenging the limit of time.


Going to turn 39, Roger Federer is still trying to return to a successful competition early next year
Going to turn 39, Roger is still trying to return to a successful competition early next year

The 2020 season is a sad season for the world tennis in general and Roger Federer in particular. The “express train” only attended the Australian Open (where he lost to Novak Djokovic after three sets in the semi-finals) before winning against Rafael Nadal in a friendly match that attracted more than 52,000 fans to the track in Cape Town ( South Africa).

Roger Federer has had surgery for his right knee 2 times and broke up early 2020. Roger Federer will only return on the world tennis court at the beginning of 2021. He has great expectations that he can get back. as great as 2017 with the Australian Open, despite having to take the second half of the 2016 season because of injury.

Recently, in an interview with SRFSport in his home country of Switzerland, Roger Federer expressed his dream of playing tennis for the rest of his life. The 38-year-old Swiss legend also “revealed” his special talent when he could stand still and still hit many balls towards him instead of the habit of moving flexibly across the pitch.

“As I get older, I’m sure I will still play tennis. As long as my body allows me, I will still hold the racquet to make myself happy. I will play tennis for my whole life. “This seems to be something beyond the limit. I can stand still to hit the ball without moving constantly. Anyway, I still have a lot of time ahead”,  Roger Federer said.

Soon, Roger Federer will turn 39 on 8/8. It is still unclear whether the 2021 season will be the last year of FedEx’s illustrious career before he retires. However, Roger Federer had boldly set a goal of winning the Tokyo Olympic men’s singles gold medal when the tournament was transferred from this summer to 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Even the owner of 20 Grand Slam is “half-joking and half-real” that after that, he also wants to compete for another Summer Olympics. That may be the 2024 Olympics in Paris (France) when Roger Federer reached the age of 43. Sharing on the SRF Sports channel, the Swiss tennis legend said:

“At the present time, I have to admit that I would feel very happy to attend the Tokyo Olympics. If my fitness is 100% guaranteed, I would be really excited to win a men’s singles medal. tennis at that Olympics. If I didn’t do that, of course, I would be very disappointed. But I know that I have dedicated everything I have and can be proud of what I’ve done”.

“Tokyo was great. It was a different experience, I could even attend another Olympic Games. I think it was a success when I was still at 100% fitness and style. to compete here. But winning a gold medal in singles is still my top goal.”

“Express train” Roger Federer determined to change the medal color in the singles Olympic single to realize the dream "Golden Slam" like Rafael Nadal
“Express train” Roger Federer determined to change the medal color in the singles Olympic single to realize the dream “Golden Slam” like Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer really aspires to win the men’s singles gold medal at the Olympic Games. In 2012, he lost to Andy Murray after 3 sets in the final at the Summer Olympics in London (England). In 2016, a back injury caused Roger Federer to miss an Olympic appointment in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Currently, only Rafael Nadal has realized the ambition of “Golden Slam” (acquiring all four types of Grand Slam titles and winning the Olympic men’s singles gold medal). Roger Federer and Djokovic are still trying to hunt this feat like the great Spanish rival.

Roger Federer has now returned to training in August and is determined to return to the successful Australian Open early next year in Melbourne (Australia) to hunt for the 21st Grand Slam of his career.