Roger Federer may break his promise, returning to the US Open 2020

Two months ago, Roger Federer announced his retirement in 2020 to treat injuries, but it is very likely that “Express Train” Roger Federer will break his promise to return to the US Open 2020 season. So what is the reason that can change the decision of Roger Federer


After two months, Roger Federer announced that he needed laparoscopic surgery on his right knee and decided to take a break of at least 4 months to get the best preparation for his return. However, in June of this year, Roger Federer brought a thunderbolt when he announced that he would be out of the season to completely cure his knee injury.

Roger Federer decided to leave the game by US Open 2020
Federer decided to leave the game by US Open 2020

This is the second time for Roger Federer to end his season earlier than the competition, only after the first two months. The first time was in 2016, after a break from FedEx injury, Roger Federer’s tennis career was much more advanced than before. Roger Federer won 2 Grand Slam titles and three ATP 1000 honors. This is also one of the bases that made Roger Federer decide to retire for the end of this season.

The Swiss tennis player Roger Federer will turn 40 in August next year. Roger Federer‘s best form at that time will be equal to what% compared to peak time and more importantly, how long is it? In addition, FedEx will have to face dozens of young players just half their age in the tennis world. Experience is what they lack but extremely abundant strength, can Roger Federer resist how much in the race of fitness?


Roger Federer will suddenly return US Open 2020
Federer will suddenly return US Open 2020

After Roger Federer announced the news of the second surgery in 2020, many fans feared the Swiss tennis player’s career would be over. “Express train” will turn 39 on 8/8. If expected, Roger Federer will return to the ATP Tour after nearly a year off.

With the two major goals Wimbledon and the 2020 Olympic Games being canceled (or postponed), this decision of FedEx is also easy to understand. After months of convalescence, the “Express Train” will have an advantage when the remaining players have to “run numbers” continuously for the previous 4 months (from the end of August to December 2020) before entering the Australian Open. 2021.

However, in a recent interview, Coach Severin Luthi of Federer revealed shocking. That is FedEx’s ability to attend USEX 2020 is 50/50. So why did Federer come back so early? Firstly, according to the coach from Luthi, Federer‘s injury was fine and the player would return to the training ground about 2 weeks before the tournament started. That time is enough for “Express train” to regain its form.

Second, due to the epidemic situation, many players like Rafael Nadal, or even Novak Djokovic are leaving the possibility of attending the US Open 2020. Therefore, the opportunity to win the championship of Federer is significantly increased. Obviously, Federer and his team are very carefully calculated to have at least 1 to 2 more Grand Slam titles before retiring.

In a recent interview, Federer revealed his willingness to play until “no longer able to walk” and the goal in 2021 is still to win the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2021. Even this player is planning to attend one more term. Olympic once he has enough physical strength, the desire to compete at the top level.