Roger Federer first confessed he is “anytime anywhere” favored

(Sports news, tennis news) As is customary in every tournament that Roger Federer attends, the Swiss tennis player is often favored by the organizers more than other competitors.

The Swiss tennis player is a genius beloved by fans all over the world

(Tennis news) Roger Federer has played tennis for 22 years, won up to 20 Grand Slams and a total of 103 big and small titles, the Swiss tennis player is a genius loved by many fans around the world. Therefore, when participating in any tennis event, “Express train” is also favored by the organizers, which makes other players feel uncomfortable.

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Roger Federer (center) admits to being favored over every opponent
Roger Federer (center) admits to being favored over every opponent

Being a rival, having the same talent as Federer but when put on the scale, the Spanish tennis player – Rafael Nadal is still not loved by Swiss colleagues. At the Australian Open 2018, Rafael Nadal made statements that suggested Roger Federer was favored by the Australian Open organizers when he arranged to play at night. “Federer plays three games in a row at night. This schedule helps him avoid hot weather up to 40 degrees Celsius during the day,” Nadal said.

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At the same tournament, tennis legend John McEnroe said the organizers favored him more than other players, namely Novak Djokovic. “For the organizers, Roger is a chicken with golden eggs. Of course, his presence will fill the audience. I feel that it is not fair. Like Novak, for example, the organizers treated him really badly. ”

Rafa has the same talent and virtue but always suffers more

Roger Federer is considered by many experts, former players as well as many players to be the best and greatest tennis players of all time. Federer is also the richest tennis player and one of the richest athletes in sports history, with an estimated net worth of more than $ 600 million.

When he was Nadal’s coach, Toni also complained to the organizers about the same issue many times, saying that Rafa had the same talent and virtue but always suffered more than “the Express Train”. onions “.

Federer knows best of all the above, the Swiss tennis player understands that he is preferred over others but it is the decision of the organizers and the beneficiaries are not foolish to talk about this issue.

Recently, the 38-year-old had a heart on the matter, he told The Sun (England): “I have never forgotten how much I was favored during my career. , the players always dream of someday becoming the top 100 players, playing on the center of the audience “.

“When you’re used to playing on the central pitch in front of about 15,000 spectators, you take that as a matter of course. Sometimes you don’t think it’s a privilege but it’s a privilege not everyone has. I always cherish it. respect those moments and try to enjoy as much as possible. ” Federer confided about being regularly played on the central pitch, the audience was crowded.

Roger Federer is currently treating injuries but the tennis village cannot play because COVID-19 is so tense, the players can continue to play in June if the world repels the disease.

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Above is the latest tennis news for today about Federer, Federer currently holds many records in tennis, including 310 weeks of being the world’s No. 1 player in the ATP rankings.
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