Rodriguez Chose Arsenal, Everton Or Wolves To Refresh His Career?

From Spain, midfielder James Rodriguez is considering leaving Real Madrid in the summer of 2020 to move to play in the English Premier League. However, James himself did not know where to go when many teams welcomed him.

Rodriguez Chose Arsenal, Everton Or Wolves To Refresh His Career?

James Rodriguez chose Arsenal, Everton or Wolves to refresh his career?

Since James Rodriguez returned to Real Madrid from Bayern Munich after his loan term expired in the summer of 2019, he has not been regularly used by coach Zinedine Zidane this season. As a result, Rodriguez has just played 13 games (650 minutes), scored 1 goal and had 2 assists in all areas.

The reason James played so little came from the fact that he often got injured and was not trusted by Zidane. Although James has a contract with Real until 2021, this club has prepared a plan to sell him in Summer 2020 to have more money to buy.

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Rodriguez himself wanted to leave but he still doesn’t know where. At this time, there are 3 clubs in the English Premier League who are craving for James: Arsenal, Wolves and Everton. Given the level and reputation already available, Rodriguez will surely have the opportunity to start more if he joins any of the three names mentioned above.

Everton is considered the No. 1 candidate because they are being led by Carlo Ancelotti – Rodriguez‘s former teacher when they were both working at Real. Arsenal could also be a good choice for James when coach Mikel Arteta is looking to refresh the club. However, the problem with Arsenal is that it is difficult for them to pay high salaries to attract James.

The other case is Wolves. This team is willing to pay attractive income to invite Rodriguez. More importantly, their relationship with Jorge Mendes – Rodriguez’s representative is very close.

Therefore, it is not excluded that Rodriguez will agree to Wolves. It was previously reported that Wolves was willing to spend 80 million euros to own the Colombian star.

Rodriguez Chose Arsenal, Everton Or Wolves To Refresh His Career?

It is clear that Real Madrid’s plan for “surplus” is valuable

Returning to Real Madrid after two years of “mercenaries” for Bayern Munich, James Rodriguez and the story of the future is a matter of special media attention – especially in the context of the person who once pushed him away – coach Zidane once again has returned to the position of “hot seat” at the Bernabeu.

Surprisingly, coach Zidane gave many opportunities to the Colombian midfielder earlier in the season, in the context of injury raging at Real Madrid. However, as soon as he gradually gained the trust of the French teacher, a sudden injury struck James Rodriguez. And since then, the number of appearances of this star is increasingly limited.

Witnessing James Rodriguez‘s estrangement at Real Madrid, many of Europe’s biggest clubs are believed to have offered to borrow during the January 2020 transfer. However, according to a source from Spain, Real Madrid resolutely refused all. Because the White Vulture still needs a backup plan and James Rodriguez is obviously the name with too much capacity for the task “stunt”. Besides, this club only wants to sell off James Rodriguez in the summer to supplement the business. squad upgrade fee.

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In other words, if no surprises happen in the near future, James Rodriguez will continue to have to be friends with the bench at the Bernabeu before looking for a new berth in the summer of 2020.
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