Roberto Carlos Explained Ronaldo De Lima Above Messi And CR7

Former defender Roberto Carlos said it was not Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar, but Ronaldo de Lima was the only player in history.

Roberto Carlos thinks that Ronaldo de Lima is unique

“Ronaldo always stands out when he practices. He is the best, there will never be another version of Ronaldo. Not Neymar, Cristiano or Messi, Ronaldo is unique, ”Roberto Carlos talked to Goal.

“I think in my generation, scoring goals became much more difficult. At that time, the teams played favorably with physical factors, and the attacking players were not protected as currently. However, Ronaldo is a striker who can do everything on the pitch, ”Roberto Carlos emphasized.

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Robert Carlos was with Ronaldo at Real Madrid
Robert Carlos was with Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Ronaldo de Lima joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2002 after winning the 2002 World Cup with Brazil. Ronaldo teamed up with Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, and Roberto Carlos to form a dream team at the Bernabeu. Even in his debut for Real, Ronaldo scored a double against Alaves.

“I know how good Ronaldo is, but some Real fans are still skeptical. Ronaldo surprised many people. I remember about 80,000 people were surprised and happy to see his performance, ”Carlos continued.

Ronaldo de Lima was praised by many illustrious names in football as the best player in history. Coach Jose Mourinho once said: “For me, only one great Ronaldo is the Brazilian striker”.

Roberto Carlos judged Ronaldo de Lima to have many bizarre qualities, while Cristiano was only good at certain aspects. “Everything at Ronaldo is top-notch, while Cristiano has several cabinets and is constantly using them. For me, Ronaldo has special qualities, ”said Silvestre.

The level of he stands above many people

The 1996-1997 season was a valuable year for the Brazilian star in Barca’s shirt. The legendary Ronaldo de Lima competed in 49 matches, he scored a total of 47 goals.

Ronaldo is considered one of the legends of the world football village
Ronaldo is considered one of the legends of the world football village

The name Ronaldo always creates extraordinary things. Brazil has the legendary Ronaldo, Portugal has CR7. Let’s see some Ronaldo wallpapers.

In La Liga, Ronaldo has 34 goals in 37 appearances. At the same time, he had up to 4 hat-tricks and 7 doubles. These marks were peaked when he was only 20 years old. This is the height of the world.

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However, Ronaldo de Lima of the 1996- 1997 season surprised the whole football world. Because in addition to the statistics, performance is the most important factor. Important determinants brought him to “another planet”.

Ronaldo de Lima  “the alien”
Ronaldo de Lima  “the alien”

Admire Ronaldo de Lima playing football than whether you have the technical expertise or not. When witnessed, one will imagine a player combined with all the best aspects. Because of the virtuoso individual technique that he performed at the matches. Or the overwhelming speed until the foundation of unstoppable power.

The players often run faster when not holding the ball in their feet. But Ronaldo is different, he can still hold the ball in his feet and run quickly over opponents. At the same time can still handle but still keep the ball with virtuosity techniques.