Revealed The Most Miserable Coach When EURO Is Delayed To 2021

Coach Age Hareide is probably the saddest to know that the Euro finals will not take place in the summer of 2020 as expected but the EURO is delayed to 2021. The reason is that his contract with the Danish team will expire on January 6 to come and he did not renew.

Revealed The Most Miserable Coach When EURO Is Delayed To 2021

It is expected that the EURO 2020 finals will take place from June 12 to July 12, 2020. This is a special tournament to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the European Championship. So, the tournament is held in 12 different cities across the old continent.

Revealed The Most Miserable Coach When EURO Is Delayed To 2021
Coach Age Hareide will expire his contract with the Danish national team in June and will not renew it.

However, because the global epidemic was raging and the movements were extremely complicated, UEFA delayed the EURO 2020 finals until the summer of 2021 (taking place from June 12 to July 12, 2021). This decision was just passed after an online meeting (via video) between UEFA officials and 55 members of the organization last night (March 17).

The EURO is delayed to 2021 and has a great influence on many individuals because it transfers to the summer of 2021, but certainly, no one is sadder than Age Hareide coach. Since taking over in Denmark in 2015, the 66-year-old Norwegian has changed the face of “lead soldiers”. Denmark won tickets to the 2018 World Cup, even surpassing the group stage. In the EURO 2020 qualifier, Age Hareide coach also helped Denmark excelled in the top 24 best teams to get tickets to the biggest football festival in Europe.

Unfortunately, the contract of Coach Age Hareide with the Danish Football Federation (DFU) will expire in July 2020, which is the time when the Euro 2020 is expected to end. Three months ago, the two sides had a meeting to see if there was an extension. The 66-year-old refused to sign two more years because he wanted to return to Norway to work. Shortly thereafter, DFU finished the alternative.

But with the outbreak of the current epidemic in Europe, which resulted in the EURO having to postpone one year, the Age Hareide coach will no longer have the opportunity to attend the EURO 2021 finals even though he is the leader of the Danish team won the valuable ticket.

Coach Age Hareide was sad when the EURO is delayed To 2021, but many others were happy. These include Marcus Rashford (England), Joe Allen (Wales), Niklas Sule (Germany), Memphis Depay (Netherlands), Zaniolo (Italy team), Merih Demiral (Turkey), Nicolo Harry Kane (England team) …

These are all pillars in their country, but they are seriously injured and will almost have to leave the 2019/2020 season. The extra 1 year will help them recover, even get back to the best form.
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