Rejecting PSG’s € 100 million bonus, Neymar returned to Barcelona

Neymar made his point clear. He wanted to return to Barcelona as soon as possible and turned down a € 100 million bonus from PSG, as a reward for contract renewal. He is even willing to cut wages to return to play in La Liga.

Neymar still does not know his future
Neymar still does not know his future

After the Ligue 1 season officially ends, Neymar has now been in Paris for three seasons.

In 2017, he moved to the capital of France with the world’s most expensive contract and created great excitement when he arrived.

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During this time, there were great performances plus some injuries and of course, the same threats of leaving, just like last year. Neymar wants to be with Messi and Luis Suarez again and he is clear of his position.

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According to Mundo Deportivo, the Brazilian superstar rejected the offer of 100 million euros as a reward for the contract extension that will end in 2022. If Neymar does not sign an extension contract, PSG will be forced to sell him in the season. this summer or lose it next year. a later to stop him leaving nothing.

Neymar's salary could be reduced by almost half if he returns to his former Barcelona club.
Neymar’s salary could be reduced by almost half if he returns to his former Barcelona club.

Neymar is keen to play for Barcelona again and he will be willing to sign them even if he only receives half of the salary he currently earns in France. The 28-year-old told Barcelona he needed to come back and he wasn’t too preoccupied with money, so he would head to Spanish football and wait for the market to open.

Currently, Neymar has once again won the Ligue 1 title and he is currently returning to his hometown in Brazil with his personal coach, Ricardo Rosa.

However, a few days ago, a member of the Barcelona board told L’Esportiu that it was practically impossible for Neymar to come this summer: “Obviously we want to sign him, but you have to be realistic “.

Ligue 1 borrowed money to rescue the club

The 2019-2020 season has to close but the “aftershocks” is too heavy due to the risk of bankruptcy of the clubs. Ligue 1 organizers are forced to borrow money to rescue their members.

The organizing committee of Ligue 1 tournament must borrow money to borrow clubs
The organizing committee of Ligue 1 tournament must borrow money to borrow clubs

The online meeting of the Ligue 1 Organizing Committee Monday afternoon (local time) has brought good news to the French professional clubs in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Accordingly, the Organizing Committee stands to borrow 224, 5 million euros in the form of a 90% State guarantee in the business support package to overcome difficulties during the Covid-19 season. This amount is not payable in the first year and the time of repayment is within 5 years thereafter.

PSG have to pay Neymar 1.4 million Euro/game for 3 years
PSG have to pay Neymar 1.4 million Euro/game for 3 years

Ligue 1 had to borrow money because the two broadcasters, Canal + and BeIN Sports, refused to pay the rest of the television rights contract for the 2019-2020 season. At the beginning of the season, the two broadcasters had a copyright package worth 759 million euros and paid 558 million euros but refused to pay more because the season was over.

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The money borrowed from the public investment bank will be divided among the clubs according to the common criteria of television rights as the level of reputation, the current ranking position.

In Ligue 1, except for PSG, there are 19 clubs. The rest depends heavily on TV royalties when accounting for 40% of sales.

After breathing gently thanks to this loan, Ligue 1 is still not over. The relegation team Amiens asked Ligue 1 to reconsider their decision to relegate because Amiens only lost to the relegation team just above Nimes with 4 points while the league has 10 tournaments remaining. Amiens argued that Ligue 1 violated the fairness of sports and made an appeal online Monday afternoon (local time) in the hope of obtaining 5,000 signatures. This number is probably too small because immediately there were more than 4 thousand signatures supporting Amiens. The team ranked 19th on the table of the Ligue 1 proposal for the 2020-2021 season has 22 teams, this season there is no relegation team and two more promotion teams from Ligue 2, Lorient and Lens.

If Amiens succeeds, Lyon will also appeal. Earlier, President Jean-Michel Aulas opened his mouth to sue over his alleged loss of tens of millions of euros for failing to qualify for the European Cup. Lyon is only one point behind Lyon’s last team to win the Europa League, with 10 more matches left.