Real Want To Exchange Four Players For Pogba

Coach Zidane is ready to trade James, Odegaard, Vazquez, and Brahim Diaz for midfielder Paul Pogba.

Real want to exchange four players

Because Man Utd is planning to keep Pogba, according to the Sun (UK) on May 28, Real is preparing to make a big offer to persuade. The Spanish team plans to swap four players, including James Rodriguez, Martin Odegaard, Lucas Vazquez, and Brahim Diaz, even with money.

Real willing to sacrifice many things to get the desired player.
Real willing to sacrifice many things to get the desired player.

The reason Real aspires to Pogba’s signature is that coach Zidane sees the midfielder as the number one goal in reviving the team. He is only 27 years old, world-class, and has shone with many different coaches.

Man Utd coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to pair Pogba and Bruno Fernandes into a pair. He wants “Reds” to own a strong midfield, similar to Real with the trio of Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, or Barca with Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta.

Pogba never had a chance to play next to Fernandes in a top game. The French midfielder has only played twice since September 2019 and hasn’t played any matches since the end of December.

James Rodriguez moved from Monaco to Real in 2014, after a successful World Cup, but never became a star at the Bernabeu. He also played two inconspicuous seasons in the Bayern shirt on loan.

Odegaard is playing successfully in Sociedad on a loan from Real. If Man Utd does not accept the exchange, the 21-year-old Norwegian midfielder will likely return to the Bernabeu to succeed Modric.

Vazquez is one of Real’s most experienced winger, while Brahim Diaz is just a potential player. In January 2019, Diaz from Man City joined Real for $ 19 million.

Sagnol: ‘All ready for Pogba to come to Real’

Former defender Willy Sagnol believes Paul Pogba’s ability to move from Man Utd to Real Madrid in the near future.

“Everything is ready for Pogba to go to Real Madrid. President Florentino Perez wants it, coach Zinedine Zidane wants it, and so does he. Man Utd will even be happy because there will be a large amount of money to invest in buying new players. “, Sagnol told Marca newspaper (Spain).

Pogba is expected to revive the Real midfield.
Pogba is expected to revive the Real midfield.

Christopher Dugarry, another former French player, also believes Real is preparing to buy Pogba: “The Real midfield is getting a bit older”. He is the ideal player for that. From what I know about Zidane, if he likes to use him, there’s no reason for him to wait another year.”

Due to the arrival and brilliance of Bruno Fernandes, Pogba is no longer an irreplaceable player at Man Utd. The fact that the Frenchman plays only eight games this season without causing bad effects on the team is a good example.

Pogba is no longer an irreplaceable player at Man Utd
Pogba is no longer an irreplaceable player at Man Utd

Man Utd also needs to sell Pogba to have more money to buy. The aim of the “Red Devils” is two British stars, Harry Kane and Jadon Sancho. In particular, Man Utd wants to use a large amount of money to convince Tottenham to release Kane.

The midline of Real has shown signs of aging since 2018 when Luka Modric started to decline. For the past two years, even when Zidane returned as a coach, the Real midfield continued to play erratic and lack of creativity.

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