Real Madrid ’s players want to cut 70% of salary

Some Real Madrid players proposed a 70% pay cut like their Barca peers, although the Royal Club is not too concerned about financial pressure.

Some players are urging Real to cut 70 percent of salary

According to Madrid-based newspaper Marca – some players are urging Real Madrid to cut 70 percent of salary until the tournaments return. Real Madrid has the right to do so, according to ERTE – a law that allows businesses to reduce up to 70% of employees in emergencies like COVID-19. But the Bernabeu club owner will not apply ERTE.

Real Madrid ’s players want to cut 70% of salary
Ramos and his teammates are ready to reduce their salary by 70% when needed.

The financial picture of Real Madrid is brighter than the other teams in La Liga. But, they are still seeking to offset losses due to COVID-19, such as tickets, sponsorships and television rights. Real Madrid ’s leadership has not been in a discussion with the player, but they want to find the solution that affects Sergio Ramos and his teammates at least. Marca confirmed that Real Madrid may have to reduce player salaries, but not more than 10%.

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Real Madrid has a surplus of US $ 171 million in cash, helping them avoid the risk of a financial crisis. Their salary fund is $ 398 million, or 48% of last season’s revenue. Meanwhile, Barca’s salary fund amounted to 796 million USD, accounting for 73% of revenue. That made Lionel Messi and his team accept a 70% reduction in wages during the pandemic.

Real Madrid’s profits are also much larger than in Barca. Real gross profit amounted to 137 million USD, equivalent to 16% of revenue. Meanwhile, Barca only reached 19 million USD gross profit, less than 2% of revenue.

Real Madrid handed over to the Ministry of Health their stadium against COVID-19

Real Madrid lends the Bernabeu field as a place to distribute COVID-19 anti-pandemic medical equipment and instruments.

According to President Florentino Perez, the Bernabeu field will be transferred to the Spanish Ministry of Health during the anti-COVID-19. This will be a place for collecting, storing and distributing medical equipment and instruments.

The Bernabeu is just one of the places, the agency was requisitioned as a place to fight against epidemics in Madrid. Over the past several days, the government has set up a field hospital at the IFEMA convention center and turned the nearby ice rink into a morgue.

The Bernabeu stadium has a capacity of 78,000 spectators
The Bernabeu stadium has a capacity of 78,000 spectators

Not only lending the Bernabeu yard, but Real Madrid also supported a sum of money for the anti-epidemic work. The Spanish Royal team also used their own charity to collect donations for the same purpose.

Spain currently has the second-highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world: 5,138, the second-highest in the world after 9,134 of Italy. Particularly in Madrid, the number of deaths accounted for 40% of the country.

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Real Madrid himself had a virus-positive basketball player on March 12. Due to sharing exercise equipment with the basketball team, the entire soccer team must also be isolated.

According to the Spanish Football Federation, La Liga will only play again when there is no health risk. The delay can last for months, even through the summer.
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