Real Madrid compete to buy Aubameyang with Barca

The Gabon striker, Aubameyang is considered to be the preferred choice of Real Madrid with the aim of strengthening the attack.

Aubameyang wants to leave Arsenal to look for the prestigious title

SPORT newspaper Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wants to leave Arsenal to look for the title. The current Gabon striker’s current contract will expire in 2021 and no extension has been approved.

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Barca is said to want to sign Aubameyang in the summer transfer window of 2020. However, Aubameyang is not the first choice of the Nou Camp team. Instead, they only see him as a backup plan if they fail at the Lautaro Martinez deal.

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Facing this situation, Real Madrid jumped into the race to recruit him. Even Real Madrid is confident that will own the Arsenal striker for 50 million euros.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has not renewed his contract with Arsenal.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has not renewed his contract with Arsenal.

Arsenal did not want to lose Aubameyang. In addition, coach Mikel Arteta has insisted that he wants to keep the talented scorer at all costs. He also urged the Arsenal leadership to extend the contract with Aubameyang before the end of this season. However, he did not rule out the possibility of negotiating the Gabon striker’s exchange for Real Madrid‘s Luka Jovic.

Since joining Arsenal, he has scored 61 goals and 31 assists for Arsenal after 97 appearances in all competitions. Last season, he shared the Premier League’s top scorer title with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane (scoring 22 goals together).

In this season, he scored 17 goals for Arsenal in 26 matches in the Premier League and is 2nd in the race “Topscorer”.

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid striker has been in trouble since Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus in the summer of 2018. Karim Benzema has been in decline due to signs of age, while Luka Jovic and Mariano have not met expectations.

Is he suitable for Real?

Aubammeyang’s statistics answered that question. After three seasons with Arsenal, the Spaniard scored 61 goals in 97 matches. That is a very impressive number. In the 2019/20 Season, Aubammeyang scored 20 goals in 32 matches in all competitions, and became the irreplaceable striker of the “Gunners”.

Aubameyang ‘s value is not only in speed, good ability in narrow range and instinct to score a dangerous beast, he is also very strong in terms of adapting to the new environment. At the time of “wet feet” to London, the striker immediately scored 10 goals in 14 matches in all playgrounds.

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Aubameyang's price is only 50 million euros, not too difficult for Real Madrid.
Aubameyang’s price is only 50 million euros, not too difficult for Real Madrid.

Aubammeyang also always aspires to play for Real. Answering L’Equipe in 2016, the striker expressed that he would prefer to wear Madrid’s representative shirt more than Atletico and Barca if he can go to Spain. More importantly, he wants to serve “Los Blancos” to fulfill his wishes with his late grandfather, who is a loyal Real Madrid fan.

“I used to promise my grandfather to play for Real Madrid in the future. My grandfather is from Avila, not far from Madrid. I know wearing Real is not easy, but I will always keep that in my mind.” “If I serve Real or some Spanish club, it will be a meaningful gift for my mother, a son of bullfighting country,” Aubammeyang said.

According to Sport24, Aubameyang is not Real’s top goal. However, he is now the most suitable spearhead at the present time. When “Los Blancos” are unable to reach the goals of Kylian Mbappe and Sadio Mane, using him temporarily to solve the goal problem is not a bad choice.

Aubameyang has never been a poor striker. He has a great sprint, knows how to slip into the defenders’ space to take advantage of opportunities. The spearhead of Gabon is very versatile, when able to play any position in the attack. Aubameyang’s ability to use the ball with two feet is also impressive.

“Zizou” is in need of a partner with Karim Benzema, and it must be an experienced striker and a star quality. Aubameyang is completely superior to Luka Jovic, Vinicius or Rodrigo in this respect.

After all, his price is only about 50 million euros to leave Arsenal, the number may not make it difficult to represent Real Madrid.

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