Real and Bayern Star: Two Different fights against Covid-19

Public opinion and the Serbian government has reacted harshly to the behavior affecting the community of Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic. In contrary with two Bayern players,  Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich with praised-worthy actions towards Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Real Madrid star can be arrested for hiding from Covid-19 isolation

From Spain – the current large epidemic area of ​​Europe – Real Madrid player,  Luka Jovic returned to his homeland of Serbia for his girlfriend Sofia Milosevic’s birthday on March 19. Real Madrid-65-million euros contract was caught on the streets of Belgrade.

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Real star: Jovic flew from Spain to Serbia to attend his girlfriend birthday party.
Real Madrid star: Jovic flew from Spain to Serbia to attend his girlfriend birthday party.

AS revealed that the Serbian government had considered the option to arrest Jovic for harming the community. The Serbian government requires all citizens returning from abroad to carry out the declaration and necessary isolation procedures, especially when they return to each of the affected areas of Europe such as Italy, Spain and France. .

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Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said police had received about 80 lawsuits against people who had not complied with the Corona Virus (Covid-19) anti-epidemic regulations. “Some of these lawsuits are aimed at famous athletes,” Stefanovic said.

The Serbian government also publicly criticized  Luka Jovic for the above behavior. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said: “Unfortunately, we have a negative example from a football star. They make a lot of money, but ignore the warning of self-isolation to escape back to their home country.” .

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic mentioned Jovic’s arrest: “He will be arrested if he leaves the house. I think he is sorry, but it needs to be made clear that the lives of the people are more important.”.

The Real Madrid striker then said, “I’m sorry to be the main topic these days and I’m sorry for that. In Madrid, I was tested negative for Corona Virus (Covid-19). When I returned to Serbia. , I have also been tested and gave similar results “.

Serbia is a good anti-Corona Virus (Covid-19) country in Europe right now. According to Worldometers, Serbia has only 103 cases and no deaths have occurred.

Spain has 18,077 cases and 831 deaths.

Bayern star contributed 1 million USD to research vaccine against Cvid-19 epidemic

Two Bayern players, Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich, have acted beautifully by contributing large sums to prevent disease.

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Goretzka and Kimmich from Bayern team club confirmed on March 20 that they had donated more than $ 1 million to the anti-epidemic vaccine research project Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The two stars Goretzka and Kimmich of Bayern made the German public admire with beautiful action.
The two stars Goretzka and Kimmich of Bayern made the German public admire with beautiful action.

“As a professional footballer, we have had a life of privilege with many interests. In such a difficult situation, we feel we need to be responsible to society,” midfielder Goretzka. write on personal page.

The We Kick Corona project, initiated by Goretzka and Kimmich, will provide support and solutions to help health forces cope with the serious epidemic situation in Germany and Europe. It is also an online platform to help charities, social or health organizations cope with pandemics.

In addition, the speed of finding the anti-epidemic vaccine is also prioritized by these two players in the project. Earlier, many members of the German national team also donated $ 2.69 million to the government to combat the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

As of March 20, there are 17,372 cases of corona virus in Germany (adding 2,052 new cases in the past 24 hours), with 47 deaths.
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