Rashford helps “Red Devils” attend the C1 cup

Premier League is restarting plans. Therefore, MU is very fit with the return of many pillars. In particular, Marcus Rashford may be the creator of the bend for the top 4 race.

Maguire highly appreciates Marcus Rashford

MU 3 points behind Chelsea and it could be 1 point behind Sheffield United if they win the match. The race to win tickets for the Champions League next season with the “Red Devils” is still extremely tough. The last 9 rounds – once the Premier League comes back, will really be a battle with MU as well as the other teams.

Maguire "bet" in Rashford
Maguire “bet” in Rashford

People are talking too much about the return of Paul Pogba, about the ability to combine this player with high-level rookie Bruno Fernandes player. But in fact, according to Harry Maguire, the return after Marcus Rashford’s injury could change everything.

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This was shared by the captain of MU Daily Mail: “I always praised he when we stood side by side in England. The compliments I gave him were not enough. I believe that Rashford will have an extraordinary career ahead.”

With Maguire, Marcus Rashford‘s really inspiring enough to get MU to win in the last 9 rounds: “In a club, you should have a captain and rely on him, but you yourself. must convey the responsibility of a leader in the team. Marcus Rashford always shows his fighting spirit in all matches.”

Maguire even commented: “Marcus Rashford‘s the most talented player I have ever played with, and I will be a great player for this team.” So why does this center-back appreciate Marcus Rashford with the back to that?

Campaign 2019/20 is the first time in his career, Marcus Rashford scored more than 10 goals in the Premier League season, namely 14 goals. If not for a serious injury affecting the ability to play, Marcus Rashford can now reach the threshold of 20 goals and lead the list of top scorers.

He has given himself the best season

Compare a little to see Marcus Rashford having his best season ever. In the previous 4 seasons, the total number of he goals in the English Premier League was 27 goals, an average of fewer than 7 goals/season. On all fronts, this figure is 42 goals, an average of 13 goals per season.

Despite Marcus Rashford having missed months of playing, Marcus Rashford is still the number one striker of MU, 14 goals in the Premier League, and 19 goals on all fronts. Not only scored, but Rashford also has the ability to construct the game with 4 assists in the English Premier League. That explains why Maguire appreciated the junior striker.

Recently, there was news that MU decided not to pursue Harry Kane in the summer transfer window. Because coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rated Marcus Rashford on a level with the Tottenham striker. And because of Rashford, “Solsa” is ready to throw Lukaku to Inter Milan.

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Rashford is having the best season
Rashford is having the best season 

It is clear that Solskjaer – a famous striker when he was a player – noticed the special qualities in he. And that is also the recognition of MU with this young striker. That promises to be shown in the last 9 rounds of the English Premier League after the tournament returned to the post-epidemic Covid-19.