Rakitic rebellion at Barcelona

From the picture that drowned Messi to the direct speech of the leadership and the fans, Rakitic is creating a sad ending for himself at the Camp Nou.

Ivan Rakitic was once considered the hero of Barcelona. However, the Croatian midfielder is now a villain at the club of Catalonia.

The controversial picture of a row of Messi midfielders of Rakitic midfielder posted on the personal page.
The controversial picture of a row of Messi midfielders of Rakitic midfielder posted on the personal page.

Controversial photo

Over the weekend, Rakitic sparked a stir among Barcelona fans when posting a photo widely believed to be drowning Messi.

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On his personal page, the player reminded fans of Croatia’s 3-0 victory over Argentina at the 2018 World Cup, the match the midfielder scored.

It would not be worth anything if the 32-year-old midfielder did not choose to post a picture of him dribbling past Messi, while his Argentina team-mate fell on the ground.

The photo quickly made Ivan Rakitic suffer the wrath of Barcelona fans. “He’s dead,” a fan said. In a team that Messi is considered no different from saints, Rakitic’s actions angered a lot of “cules”.

Tens of thousands of Barcelona fans cursed Rakitic underneath that picture. They say that posting pictures of Messi is unacceptable at Barcelona. The team needs to sell Rakitic immediately.

The anger of the Barcelona fans seems to make Rakitic unhappy. In addition to the moves from the Barcelona leadership, the once-talented princess of the Camp Nou continues to have rebellious statements.

The Croatian midfielder is one of the reasons why the Neymar deal back to Barcelona was unsuccessful.
The Croatian midfielder is one of the reasons why the Neymar deal back to Barcelona was unsuccessful. 

Rotten potato” of Barcelona?

“Don’t treat me like a sack of potatoes, and do whatever you want,” Rakitic told Mundo Deportivo on April 13. “I want to continue playing in a place where I feel respected. Here or elsewhere, I will play for the club I want. And it will be me who decides that.”

Many believe that Rakitic’s statement was aimed at Barcelona fans who cursed him and demanded that he sell it off the club because of the image that had plagued Messi a few days ago.

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However, the Spanish media believe that the attack of the Croatian midfielder is directed directly at Barcelona’s board of directors, who have regarded him as a commodity no less.

Ivan Rakitic confirmed he had refused to move to Paris Saint-Germain last summer, when the board of directors assigned him to Neymar.

At that time, Barcelona wanted to exchange Neymar for Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Rakitic plus 80 million euros. The deal later failed, even when Barcelona offered to add Ousmane Dembele.

Mundo Deportivo said that Rakitic played a big part in Barcelona’s inability to buy Neymar. The Croatian midfielder refused to go to PSG if he did not get a raise, which the French club was not willing.

Leaders of Barcelona extremely angry with Rakitic, and this player information no future at the Camp Nou has continuously appeared since then.

Sport revealed that Rakitic was angry because he felt betrayed. He believes that the board has not kept his promise, that is to let him go cheaply or renew his contract at the age of 33.

“I demand respect from everyone,” he continued. “I can’t understand it and it hurts me to be treated like that, despite giving my best to the club.”

BLĐ Barcelona on the contrary, they can not understand a player whose role in the team is gradually reduced to demand and make such claims. This season, Rakitic lost their first place when Frenkie de Jong arrived. He only started 10 out of 27 Barcelona’s matches in La Liga.

Barcelona wants to sell Rakitic as soon as possible, in the context of the current contract of this player with the club until June 2021. The Rakitic information is no longer a foothold in Barcelona continuously leaked in the media of Catalonia in recent years. That is why Rakitic was angry and officially attacked the leaders of the team.

This is really a sad ending for one of Barcelona’s courtiers for many years. In the context of the Nou Camp team is chaotic because of the fighting on the superstructure, the rebellious action of Rakitic is like “pouring oil into the fire”.

Rakitic joined Barcelona in the summer of 2014 from Sevilla. He became an important factor in midfield after Xavi and Iniesta fell. Ivan Rakitic played more than 190 matches for Barcelona, helping the club to win 4 La Liga titles, 4 Copa del Rey, and 1 Champions League title.

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