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  • Things You Might Not Know About Tour De France

    Things You Might Not Know About Tour De France

    The largest cycling tournament in the world Tour de France is a sports event loved by tens of millions of people around the world but little is known about the history of this race and the colors of the shirt. Which the cyclists wear when they win. History of Tour de France Tour de France …

  • Top 10 Top Cyclists In The World Recently

    Top 10 Top Cyclists In The World Recently

    Cycling is a popular sport in the world. There are many major races and the Tour de France is the best known. Lance Armstrong has won this race for 7 consecutive times. The 2016 champion was Britishman Christopher Froome. Let’s take a look at the top 10 of the world Cyclists today. Christopher Froome Christopher …

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    Cycling News: Why UAE canceled the ongoing cycling tournament?

    On February 28, from the cycling news reporter that the organizers of the UAE Tour 2020 cycling tournament (United Arab Emirates – UAE) announced the latest cycling news the cancellation of the tournament, scheduled to end on February 29, by two employees of a team. Italian racing positive for Covid-19. Ongoing cycling news is affected …

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    Top 5 Sports Cycling Bike Brands (Racing) In The World

    Not only possessing specialized technologies, but the continuous reforms that help the racing bicycle from these famous brands become increasingly high-speed and actively support riders. Besides the purpose of cycling for health, a significant number of people use bicycles as a means to conquer the racetrack and to meet this purpose, you need to own …

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