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  • Carlos Sainz is in line with Ferrari's goal

    Jenson Button: ‘Carlos Sainz Does Not Come To Ferrari As A Base For Leclerc’

    2009 F1 champion Jenson Button predicted that Carlos Sainz would soon win the F1 stage when driving a Ferrari. “Sainz didn’t come to Ferrari as a base for Leclerc” “If Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto brought Carlos back, thinking he would help the common goal, but not competing with Charles Leclerc, I think he was …

  • McLaren Andreas Seidl is quite close to Vettel

    McLaren denied contacting Vettel

    Leader of McLaren Andreas Seidl and Director Zak Brown rejected the possibility of signing Sebastian Vettel in the upcoming F1 season. The MCLaren racing team targets Ricciardo “Sebastian Vettel has never been an option for us. We have never negotiated or offered a contract for him” McLaren team leader Andreas Seidl told Sky Sports on …

  • F1 racing

    F1 racing receives nearly $1.5 billion of restructuring

    Liberty Media has made changes in the business strategy as well as “pouring money” into F1. It is going through this extremely challenging period with the COVID-19 pandemic. Liberty Media must have revenue – F1 racing Recently, Liberty Media, the current F1 management unit, “redistributed” which is  “assets” between their subsidiaries to bring money to …

  • Sainz has joined Ferrari since 2021

    Ferrari recruited Carlos Sainz, replacing Vettel

    In the midst of trying to find a replacement for Sebastian Vettel, Spanish driver Carlos Sainz will play for Ferrari in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Notice of not renewing the contract On 12/5, Ferrari announced not to renew its contract with German racing driver Vettel. The German driver ended 5 years with the Italian …

  • enduro

    What Is Enduro Motorbike, Learn About Warrior Of The “Daredevils”

    Have you ever heard of the terrain vehicles, locusts, offroad, or dirt bikes? What is Enduro “locusts”? In this article we will learn together about the design of “locusts” is Enduro motorbike and motocross. The two models look very similar in style, but they are very different. Overview of Enduro motorbike What is Enduro is …

  • Learn About The MotoGP Racing Tournament

    Learn About The MotoGP Racing Tournament

    This is a very popular sport in the world today, almost all developed countries have a playground for this high-speed sport. Currently, regular motorbike racing is divided into 3 levels, including Moto3 (formerly 125cc), Moto2, and MotoGP. Since 2010, the 250cc class has been replaced by the Moto2, using motorcycles with 4-stroke and 600 cc …

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