Racing MotoGP: Difficult decisions, Financial “source of life”

(Racing news, sports news) MotoGP is responding very well and quickly to the complex situation of the global pandemic COVID-19, which is confirmed by Honda racing leader Alberto Puig if compared to ‘the procrastination ‘by Liberty Media and F1. In the near future, this top motorcycle racing will continue to make decisions about the ‘fate’ of the racing taking place in May and June.

Strong decision making

The COVID-19 epidemic has infected more than 1.2 million people globally with an estimated 65,000 deaths. This has led to many leading sporting events to be postponed/canceled.

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F1 3 weeks ago got caught in the controversy in the Australian GP racing when they decided to delay and only canceled the event a few hours before the first test run began. The reason is that a member of the McLaren team tested positive for COVID-19 the day before.

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Ezpeleta and colleagues at Dorna are dealing very well with the problem of the pandemic
Ezpeleta and colleagues at Dorna are dealing very well with the problem of the pandemic

MotoGP meanwhile canceled the first leg of the highest racing in Qatar a week before the main racing, due to travel restrictions in the host country. From there they quickly postponed/canceled the next leg in Thailand, USA, Argentina and recently Jerez, Spain in early May.

This is the 5th stage of MotoGP affected, as Europe is developing at a rapid pace. This means that the final test, as well as the opening stage of the MotoE World Cup (electric motorbike), will not go as planned. The exact time of reorganizing the Jerez racing has been discussed by FIM, Dorna Sports, and MotoGP, but will only be announced when the disease situation gets better.

After Jerez, the remaining two racing rounds that took place in Europe in May were at Le Mans, France and Mugello, Italy certainly suffered the same fate. Latest, the French GP organizers have officially announced the delay of the racing in Le Mans, France. 

The official announcement of postponement/cancellation of events in Mugello, Italy is likely to be made in the coming days, bringing the total number of delays/cancellations from the beginning of the year to 8.

Then in June, Catalunya (Spain), or even Germany or the Netherlands, was on the “waiting list” with the possibility of being rescheduled, but it all depends on the situation of the pandemic.

French GP is the latest race to announce delays
French GP is the latest race to announce delays

Talking to about how to handle the current situation of the tournament compared to F1 “colleagues”, Mr. Puig said he was very proud of the organizers of MotoGP and it is interesting that all the people working for the tournament are protected.

If we compare with F1, football organizations or the International Olympic Committee – the units have very slow responses – then Dorna did what they should do quickly. ”

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“From the first minutes, they anticipated the seriousness of this problem. From there, you need to have clear ideas and be relevant to the situation. And Carmelo Ezpeleta (CEO of Dorna Sports) is one such person. ”

* Support the “source of life” of the tournament

Besides, like many other sports are doing, in the current difficult situation, Dorna is trying to support satellite racing teams, as well as in Moto2 and Moto3 formats financially, namely paying salaries for team employees.

Dorna financially supports the below modalities during difficult times
Dorna financially supports the below modalities during difficult times

There were no events that caused the income of teams to be severely affected. Dorna doesn’t have the usual revenue stream, but Carmelo Ezpeleta still has plans to support the teams for at least the next 3 months. The support amount is expected to amount to 9,075 million euros (about US $ 9.7 million).

According to him, the biggest asset of the tournament is the people who make it every day, so for MotoGP to run smoothly, the most important thing is to maintain this huge resource.

With the two lower modes, Dorna will provide support at 25,000 euros for each driver of the team, and at MotoGP, the support is not fixed for each rider but is calculated for each satellite team.

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced Rossi's future decision
The COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced Rossi’s future decision

The delay/cancellation due to this disease also has a significant influence on the future decision of the legendary Valentino Rossi. ‘The Doctor’ has not renewed his contract (which will expire at the end of 2020) with the Yamaha factory team because he plans to assess his own performance in the first 7-8 racing of the season and will make himself. However, at this point, he did not have the opportunity to do that and time did not support the 41-year-old steering wheel.

In late January, Yamaha also officially announced the young talent Fabio Quartararo will join the factory racing team from the 2021 season, replacing Rossi’s position.

Quartararo made a strong impression in the rookie season in the Petronas Yamaha SRT racing team with 6 poles, 7 podiums and 5th place in the end, being the only rookie in the top 10. Meanwhile, Maverick Vinales also extended the contract to 2022, pushing steering wheel # 46 into a “helpless” position.

If Rossi wishes to continue his racing passion next year, Yamaha still offers him a position at the Petronas SRT satellite team with 100% support from the factory team. This is still an attractive offer and is the dream of many other drivers. Unfortunately, ‘The Doctor’ doesn’t have a chance to express itself in the beginning of this 2020 season.

Hopefully, MotoGP will be able to return in June
Hopefully, MotoGP will be able to return in June

Many insiders believe that MotoGP will only be able to return as early as June, or even to July. Therefore, there have been proposals to organize two racing rounds in a weekend or extend the season. The tournament will continue until January of next year, with the goal of reaching a minimum of 13 races in a season as required between FIM and MotoGP. Hope fans will receive the good news soon.

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