Racing F1 2020 fire: Mercedes and unfold the unknowns

The 2020 Formula Racing F1 season has officially “knocked” on all riders, teams and F1 fans around the world with the first official test in Barcelona last week.

Mercedes “bright door” won the 7th consecutive championship

This is not too surprising for the defending champion in the last 6 years, but the style of “Silver Arrow” shown in the last test is still something the opponent must pay special attention to in the racing line of F1.

In addition to a minor electrical system problem at the end of the second run, the W11 had a breathtaking test, and once again completed the most laps in the 10 racing teams. Having achieved the desired performance, the team turned to softer tires on the last day in search of the vehicle’s maximum speed and ability to achieve.

Mercedes proved unrivaled in F1

This is not unusual for Mercedes in previous tests, when they focused full-time on the engine’s durability. This change reflects the team’s high confidence in the W11 next season, along with the newly launched DAS system.

This new two-axis steering system is a solution for increasing speed on a straight line and for better cornering. DAS is judged to be very difficult for F1 competitors to copy and is a warning to all those who want to crush their dominance.

Racing Point – “unknown” of 2020

The “pink panther” Mercedes – it’s the name of the RS20 that some people named because of its incredible similarity to the 2019 championship car, the W10. Many people who prefer to run an independent organization will feel disobedient to what billionaire Lawrence Stroll’s racing team is doing.

But Racing Point did not violate any rules and the results after 3 days of testing showed that they are in the top 3 racing teams this year, even ranked above Ferrari. However, there should be a clearer picture in the second test.

Ferrari was “out of breath” in the first minutes

A year ago, after the tests were over, experts analyzed that Ferrari was the strongest team before F1 2019. But 12 months later, things were not going so well for “Horses.” battle “. Under the supervision of CEO Louis Camillieri, they are currently ranked fourth as the best possible position and race leader Mattia Binotto admits he does not have the confidence of February last year.

Even so, fans still have the right to wait because Ferrari says they have changed their approach in this test and are sure they are using engines that are lower than normal, which could explain the achievement. have been poor for the past 3 days.

They improved the speed through the corner by increasing downforce but slower than the straight. “War horses” will have much to do in the second test if they want to return to their original position.

“Car Genres” in 2020 proved very durable

Only 5 times have we seen cars stop on the track during all 3 test days, and the number of rounds completed by each team is equally impressive. According to statistics, a total of 3940 laps were performed by 10 racing teams. Mercedes, as usual, is the team with the most completed 494 rounds, but Red Bull (471), Alfa Romeo (424) or McLaren (423) are not too far behind.

Waiting for the outbreak of Red Bull in week 2, F1

Williams made the biggest improvement after a forgettable test last year, when they ran 323 rounds, nearly four times more than the previous 12 months (88 rounds). All teams have completed at least 300 laps, equivalent to about 4.5 times the distance of the Spanish GP race.

Red Bull is still “in the dark”.

While the “Silver Arrow” is the focus of the first test week, “Ox” has three days of silence despite having completed the second most number of rounds (471 rounds). Red Bull’s lead engineer, Guillaume Rocquelin, judged it to be one of the best tests the team has had over the past few years.

Honda replaced the engine on Monday to prevent any possible risks but found no serious problems after analyzing it. So they finished all the testing programs that they had set. Red Bull will definitely unleash the full power this week.

Haas and Renault struggled to find “exit at the end of the tunnel”.

There were only 2 accidents in week 1, and it was all Haas with Romain Grosjean on Monday and Kevin Magnussen on Tuesday due to a tire failure that caused the rear tire to explode. Luckily the damage was not great, but they lost valuable test time. Moreover, the speed of the car is not fast, especially on day 2, when they are slower than the opponent to 40km / h in the straight.

However, team leader Guenther Steiner was pleased with the team’s efforts over the past 3 days. Perhaps Haas drove with high fuel levels to understand the core of the car before seeking its true strength in the second week.

Renault has been in trouble since not being able to launch the actual car at the launch ceremony and also “hidden” quite carefully during the test – shakedown in Barcelona. Next, Daniel Ricciardo had two consecutive problems during the test day when he broke down the car when he passed the curb edge of 9 and had to stop the car on the afternoon of the third day.

However, they had a good day running when they finished 169 laps, and more importantly, both riders found the balance of the R.S. 20. From there, look forward to week 2 with new hopes.

Williams found happiness again after 2019 disappointed

The fact that the FW43 appeared on the track from the first minutes of the 2020 test is a positive point for Sir Frank Williams’ team compared to last year when they missed 2/4 days of the first test. At the end of the 3 days, they got the fastest performance, only 0.014 seconds behind Ferrari, an encouraging result for the team even though the two teams run two separate programs.

Of course, there will not be a leap in the context of all teams improving compared to last year, but Williams will gradually return and have more opportunities to compete fairly with the top mid to score more in F1 this year.

The F1 FW43 looks faster, the quality of the details is more sophisticated and complete, combined with the exquisite aerodynamic system, which helped them have a relatively successful week 1. Now, all are anxiously waiting for the car’s true strength and location, revealed in Week 2 in F1.

Detailed results of  F1 Test 1