Quique Setien: ‘Without Faith In Barca, Messi Can Leave’

Coach Quique Setien of Barca has just appeared in the program “El Transistor” of Onda Cero. He had a lot to share about the inside of Barca, which stated that if Lionel Messi feels no longer confident in the Catalunya team, the Argentine striker can leave.

Quique Setien: 'Without Faith In Barca, Messi Can Leave'

Without faith in Barca, Messi can leave

“You ask me what I do at home on non-soccer days? I play with my children. I play chess, play games. I read a lot of things online, even more about the pandemic than about the football”, coach Quique Setien started the conversation on the” El Transistor “program. The current Barca coach added: “In the days when the disease was raging, I did not want to leave the house. But if I want to go, my wife will prevent it. “

When reporters asked questions about the training of Barca players, Mr. Setien said: “We still meet the team regularly by creating a group chat on social networks. Players are still assigned individual lesson plans at home. However, these days, the Barca coaches work with the player more than me. I only talk often to the captain and the vice-captains. ” According to Mr. Setien, Barca is always ready to return to the competition at any time.

Referring to La Liga’s fate this season, Mr. Setien affirmed: “I always wanted La Liga to go through 38 rounds, even if I had to play in an unattended pitch. We are prepared to continue fighting and winning the championship at the end of the season. But the situation of the global epidemic is very complicated. We cannot say anything in advance. If the tournament is canceled or must end in round 27, it is also reluctant. I am sure no one wishes so. I personally am very pessimistic about the possibility of La Liga this season can continue to return.

Setien coach has always considered Messi (small picture) as an important piece of Barca
Setien coach has always considered Messi (small picture) as an important piece of Barca

Quique Setien also shared that he integrated well in Barcelona. He said that he is winning the sympathy of the students. What makes him feel most unfortunate is that the assistant coach Eder Sarabia once shouted at striker Lionel Messi, making many players angry and he had to apologize. “Eder is clearly a bit too violent. But then people will understand, he is very straightforward. ” Mr. Setien also said he wanted to convince former player Xavi to return to Barca to keep a foot in the training team to help him revive the team.

Referring to Messi, Mr. Setien said firmly as a nail: “I have heard information about Messi may leave Barca this summer. I do not believe in that. If he no longer believes in Barca, he can leave. But the team always has plans to succeed and Messi will give us certain advantages on the way to conquering the titles.

Regarding the rumor about Barca’s ability to recruit strikers Neymar (PSG) and Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan), Coach Quique Setien revealed: “Of course we want to have both because they are all outstanding players. sharp. But the process of negotiating Neymar is complicated. Even with the plan to buy Martinez, Barca is also facing difficulties due to financial situation, because football is “frozen” by the epidemic. Coach Setien ended the conversation with a meaningful share: “Anyway, we have an excellent” number 9 “as Luis Suarez.

Setien wants to show off the Champions League to … cows

Quique Setien said that if Barca won the Champions League with Barca this season, he would bring the championship cup to his home town to show off to the cows in the village of Liencres. It seems that the Barca coach loves cows. During the launch ceremony at the Nou Camp, he also said: “Interestingly, just yesterday, I was still at home walking around watching the cows, today I became a coach of Barca”.

Coach Quique Setien: “If I realize that there are players in the youth team who can help the team play better, I will not hesitate to create opportunities for them to play regularly in the first team Barca.”

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